King of Fruits Mango and Memories Associated With It.

“The joy in a slice of mango is unmatched- pure bliss.”

What is it with fathers and mangoes? Why does a fruit as simple as this weave a web of memories of bygone days in my mind? Come summer and every year the season is welcomed by this green and yellow fruit. They may be juicy or tangy and sour. Yet, you could enjoy them in any way you choose. 

My father loved the fruit. My memories of my childhood summers are full of my father’s antics with mangoes. Though I loved the fruit myself, I could never really understand his obsession with the fruit. All that I was really interested in was to dig my teeth into the juicy pulp.

It was a whole ritual. Every time he would go to our roadside vendor to choose the fruit himself. The right one had to smell right, look right and feel right. He would judge how good the mango is by looking at the stem point. After he brought them home, he would wash them well and peel the skin thinly with a knife.  He would further slice them into thin long stripes or dice them and keep them on  a platter. It would be then refrigerated for an hour or so, and served after dinner.  Ah!!! The feeling then was sheer bliss…

Years have passed by….My Dad isn’t there anymore. And my passion for mangoes has somehow died along with him

I am a parent now and I do the mango ritual for my kids in my own way. I choose them randomly, hoping they are good. I lack the skill my father had. I skin them with a peeler, unable to slice thin with a knife. The only simlarity is that I refrigerate them for a while before serving. And yes, my kids love it.

I realized now, it was not his skill … It is the pure love that he had in his heart for the fruit and for us, to serve us the best.

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