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November Gratitude- Of Memories and Small Successes!

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It seems as though I just wrote a few weeks ago, the Gratitude post for October. But well, it’s already the beginning of December. Yet again, it is the time to look back at the month that was, and also look forward to the month ahead. Here is a quick rundown of November.

BNLF-New bonds and friends of a kind

The highlight of the month was attending Indiblogger’s BNLF. From planning it all out, to the actual day of travel and the complete event, it filled my month with immense joy and excitement. The weather Gods weren’t very kind to me, with thick fog, decreased visibility, and flight delays. I ended up missing two flights on a single day. I travelled from Karwar to Goa, then to Mumbai, to Delhi and finally to Dehra- all in 16 hours!!!

But I finally made it, in time for all the action and fun. Before the event, I least expected, to build bonds with those I had seldom met before. I knew their online avatars, yet never thought that four days of interaction would lead to a unique kind of friendship. But that’s life; you find the most astonishing of things at the unexpected of places.

Family hours and evenings by the sea

After a long time, we got a break from our hectic schedules and personal challenges. There was more family time, with the man of the house being around with the kids. Swimming schedules and squash games together dominated our weekends. It led us to realize, how much the kids wanted us – parents to be together and plan activities for them.

Many evenings were spent on the beach staring at the setting sun, as the kids built their sand castles, oblivious of our presence. We also managed to make an elaborate holiday itinerary for December, a trip to Singapore and Bali. However nature had its own plans, with Mt Agung erupting. So the trip to Bali still hangs in hope of the air clearing up soon!

Blogging and small successes!

Blogging has evolved over the years. From a simple web log of personal opinions or anecdotes, it today gives a scope to interact and network with people from across the globe. Thanks to the power of social media and search engines!

A personal story I wrote a year back was read and liked by American writer Josie Varga, who decided to have it published in her upcoming book- A Call from Heaven. It felt like an achievement for two reasons. I was seeing my name in print for the first time and, was happy that my personal story had managed to reach an international audience. Small pleasures of life indeed!

“The only time you should look back is to see how far you’ve come.” – Author Unknown

Thankful that November was a month filled with memories that I would cherish for days to come. It could well be considered as the most special one in the year 2017. With December, begins the time of cheer and celebrations, as I eagerly look forward to the New Year ahead with renewed hope and excitement.

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  • Vidya Sury

    Oh! Love your November roundup, Ramya! Congratulations on being published! What a great feeling! I saw the BNLF photos–indeed great to meet and spend time with friends. Must have been so much fun! Love the “evenings by the sea” pictures! I wish you a wonderful year ahead!

    Thank you for being part of the Gratitude Circle.

  • Shalzmojo

    Awesome news about being published; its such a high to note where and how that story has impacted – you must be very proud of yourself! November sounds like an amazing month for you and here’s hoping December continues in the same vein!!

  • Rachna

    This was a nice November for you, Ramya. From your pics, I could see that BNLF was so much fun for you. And congratulations on your story getting published. Always a fantastic feeling that is. Really hope that your trip to Bali works out. Here’s wishing you a wonderful December.

  • Natasha

    Dear Ramya,

    What a completely enriching month!! God bless you ever more.
    Congratulations on that fabulous feather on your cap-being published in an international author’s book. What a proud moment indeed.

    It was lovely to meet you at BNLF. Hope we get more opportunities to meet up and interact more.

    More power to you!

  • Rajlakshmi

    Congratulations on getting your story published. That’s an amazing news. Now I know one more published author 😀😀 I saw all the pictures of the indiblogger meet and really really wished I too was there. It must be wonderful to connect with bloggers in real 😀 wish you another fun month 😀

  • sulekkha

    Congratulations, Ramya. Would love to read your story 🙂 It was a pleasure meeting you in Dehradun and hope to meet again soon. Your month was filled with family and friends and spending time with them, what better way to live? 🙂 God bless.

  • Shalini

    Oh, you had such a fabulous month, dear Ramya. I’m so happy that we met and became good friends. And many congratulations on being published. You deserve so much more, girl! Here’s to an even better December ❤️

  • kalaravi16

    Indeed an eventful month for you Ramya! Glad I was a part of it! Congrats on being published, woohoo!! December shall see more excitement I am sure. Cheers to more happy moments.

  • Parul Thakur

    A feel good month for you. BNLF must have been so much fun. Glad you could travel but 16 hours? That’s a lot in a day.
    Are you in Karwar? I couple of year ahead, I did visit the city while we were on the way to Gokarna 🙂
    Time with Family and by the beach, sounds just perfect! Congrats on getting your story published. Such an amazing thing! Here’s wishing you a happy December! Stay blessed!

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