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What A Blind Date With The World Taught Me

It was the hour prior to bed. As I sat exhausted on the couch after the day’s chores, I noticed the mail alert in the notification area of my mobile. Impulsively, I opened it to see the most unusual invitation in my inbox. It was an offer to go on a blind date with “The World”, to a place I knew very little about- The English Countryside.

“You are invited on a blind date. For one week, let me be your friend and guide, as we spend time by the English Countryside, walking through alluring pastures and dales hand in hand. Come fall in love with me”.
–The World

The unusual invitation

The stereotype and all that is contained within it

I spend a large part of my life tending to family and home. Submerged in the never ending cycle of errands, and entangled in society’s notion that it is the lady who holds the home front steady, it is hard for me to break free. Yet, my inner voice screamed out aloud- I needed to. As thoughts raced, I decided to shed the insecurity and dependency I seemed to be clinging on to. I made up my mind to accept the invitation and #SayYesToTheWorld.

The anxiety before the start

A blind date with “The World” to a place I knew very little about was indeed intimidating. Travel is one the most liberating experiences, but here I was shrouded with an intense feeling of nervousness. I hadn’t been on my own before and, I feared getting out of my comfort zone, bumping into new people, experiencing places and cultures. Questions flooded me.

  • How would my journey from home to destination be?
  • What would “The World” be like?
  • Would “The World” embrace me, and make me fall in love with him?
  • What would be “The World’s” most fascinating side?

The “date” arrived

It was time for my blind date with “The World” and I was a nervous wreck. I had never flown in an airplane before and this made me all the more edgy. As I boarded the Lufthansa aircraft bound towards my destination, my hopes slowly began to soar. Well above the clouds, the warmth of the cabin crew eased my tensed nerves. I breathed in the comfort of the aircraft for the duration of my journey, and satiated on a perfect meal that catered to my taste buds. “The World” sure knew how to pamper me. Open minded, I let go of my inhibitions and began warming up to him.

His first move- The hills and dales of Yorkshire

Can a place actually be this beautiful? The landscape of Yorkshire in Northern England showed me a shade of “The World” I had least expected. The enriching experience was unknown to me until I got there. It was extraordinary, with spectacular cliffs facing the coast, dark moors, and hills that stood as a guard to all the beauty that was around. Strewn across the county were abbeys, castles and historic homes that spoke volumes of a bygone era-of kings and queens. Isn’t this what #TheBlindList is all about- of unexpected sights and glimpses? As the wind gently kissed my cheeks, the romance in the air was evident.

Was I falling head over heels in love with “The World”?

Dales of Yorkshire. Pic Source Pixabay, for representation purpose

Walking down Cheshire hand in hand, my love intensified

There were timbered farm houses and warm people with the most beautiful of smiles. The sound of the bells around Friesian cows resounded in the air. As I walked across the grassy lands, looking at the quiet villages around Cheshire County, I felt confident enough to hold “The World’s” hand. I whispered my love into his ears, and he whispered back his. I asked him, “Why me for a blind date?” and he said, “You need to learn to break those shackles that bind you tight. Learn to embrace the beauty around”.

Embracing ‘”The World”. Pic source Pixabay for representation purpose.

And miles to go before I sleep

My blind date may have lasted not more than the stipulated time. Yet, in that period, “The World” had shown me his different shades, making me fall in love with him. In a week of being away from home, I had climbed steep rocks in Cornwall; I had let the waves lash at my feet in Devon, had run across fields in Lancashire and had stared at the sun across the Salisbury plains.

I finally understood the profoundness in his statement. “The World” has always been around embracing and providing for me. Yet, it was I who held back and resisted opening up to him. My blind date with “The World” to the English countryside helped me let go of my inhibitions, and I learnt to travel to explore

The relationship with the world is surely not restricted to one blind date; it is one of a lifetime.

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