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Moving on in life- After a Cancer Treatment

You have begun your battle. Diagnosis of cancer brings with it numerous things. Surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, scans etc… It often proves to be a setback to many physically, emotionally and of course financially too. Though the battle is often considered an ongoing one, at the end of every treatment cycle, it is time to sit down and breathe. Give yourself a pat on your back for having endured a treatment, so harsh.

Cancer treatments could be very stressful. The side effects cannot be undermined, and may linger longer in many patients. You may thus get a sense of relief when you complete a cycle of treatment. Amidst all this feeling of relief, it is very common to worry about cancer coming back at a later stage. Of course post treatment regular intervals would call for physical examinations, scans blood tests etc… Still it is best to accept the situation and move on. Get yourself a quality of life and not be bogged down by the ailment.

  • Moving on with life style changes

Look at it this way. You have got a new lease of life, wouldnt you want to spend the best time with your loved ones? Do the things you love to do the most? A change in lifestyle could improve your overall health mentally and physically.

  • Whats that hobby that you left behind?

Love playing the piano, or digging up seeds in your little kitchen garden? Do it now. The positive changes you would see in you could probably prevent a recurrence. Its better than worrying you see!!!

  • Healthy way out

Long walks on your drive, the fresh morning air, loads of fresh fruits and veggies, get them more. It will do wonders to your quality of life. Exercise, eat well and rest plenty. You’d get over the fatigue caused by chemotherapy pretty soon.

  • The emotional you

Cancer diagnosis and treatment could often make you feel depressed and lonely.You have gone through a lot emotionally since diagnosis. Coping with your own physical state, plus the impact your illness has on your immediate caregivers. isnt easy. Post treatment, it is the time to get your emotional state back in form. Turn to your family and friends for comfort. Catch up with old friends and yap away on the glorious years of the past.  The warmth you would get from your people and loved ones would be a great source of comfort.

Life has some wonderful things which you still probably havent explored. So instead of feeling guilty, or getting worried about a remission, get going, move on and enjoy all that’s around you. Start the positive changes from day one post treatment. It would make you feel better, healthier and cheer you up after the gloom you have left behind with the treatment. Cancer really isnt in your hands. But what is, is how you are going to spend the remaining part of your life.

Start feeling the fragrance around you.


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