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The Month That Was October-Gratitude Circle

It always seems like as though there is never enough time. My days seem to be packed and am in a sort of hurry, trying to push in as much as I can in it. Yet, what I can’t really seem to understand is that despite the days being seemingly long, the months and years seem to be accelerating ahead at a faster pace.

So what’s going on?

The month of October was a witness to this paradoxical situation, where each and every day seemed long, though the month by itself slipped by too quickly. With the husband’s constant absence (the part and parcel of being married to the forces), the larger responsibility of the family rests on my shoulders. “We are in that phase in life, where one is in the thick of responsibilities. It must be endured.” Hubby often calms me down with these words. Yet, all through those precious calls he makes through a satellite phone from a remote location, I fill it with melodramatic cribs, about being left alone to handle it all. We literally run our household on phone, discussing loan matters, children and their school progress, parents and their well-being. It sure does take two to tango, but here we are doing the tango from two opposite locations.

We humans are indeed complex. Our minds are capable of ricocheting between two contrasting emotions. The month saw quieter days too, when I was at peace and got to reflect inwards. Thanks to the reading that I got to do, I came across these lines by Sudha Murty in one of her books, “Behind every successful woman is a supportive man”. I thanked my stars that I actually have one!

With the festive time in the month, the kids were excited to have their set of new clothes, munch on yummy food and light oil lamps around our home. It reminded me of my childhood days, where Diwali meant getting up early at 4.00 AM for the ritualistic oil bath. Groggy yet excited at the prospect of getting to wear new clothes, we would wait for our turn, as grand mom would cup an entire palm full of oil on our heads. There would be sweets and savories to munch on post that. The rest of the day would be spent just lazing around and bursting crackers with the rest in the colony. Festive times garner fond memories to last a lifetime. Grateful that I have such memories. And it’s my time to create some for my kids.

Post festivities, I sat rummaging through an old brown box lying in the attic of our home. I came across an old monochrome photograph. With fading and curled edges, it is just one among the few pictures I have of my childhood. A treasure indeed, ‘cause there aren’t many that I have. Getting into the mode to see family photographs, I connected my hard disk to my television and played on pictures of my girls and their early years. Where have all the years gone? The girls seem to be growing up all too soon. I wish life had a pause button, so that I could stop to cherish and savor every moment. This entire “photo seeing” exercise made me realize that my issues were indeed trivial and my melodramatic cribbing to hubby made no sense. It sure is best to look at what’s around and soak in all the joy it radiated, instead of cribbing about what’s not there.

Leaving you with lines I had read way back in school. They sprang up in my mind one fine day and I checked it up on Google.

I had the blues because I had no shoes, until upon the street I met a man who had no feet- Deni Waitley

The month of October sure took me on a roller coaster ride emotionally. But aren’t such rides important too in life? What do you have to say?

Also, seeking some encouragement. The Orange Flower awards are around the corner and I have nominated myself. Would be grateful if you could visit the below links and vote for me. Thank You.

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  • Akshata Ram

    managing alone is not easy- I can feel the brunt as my hubby and I live in different cities due to our jobs. Your highs and lows during the month made for an engaging read. Life can see, bleak at times but sunshine is always round the corner

  • The September Queen

    Ramya – This is your second blog that I am reading and totally loved your writing style and the way you are bringing life to the blog…Lots to learn from you !! This topic is something that I can totally relate to…My hubby is not a military guy , but a Sales guy…Bu the amount of travel he keeps doing is unbelievable..And there are so many times when he is not around for many of the key happenings. Of course I cannot compare myself to a military wife..But today many jobs demand this kind of travel and it is really tough…I still have my spells of crib , bad moods, outburst of anger , but somewhere I have taken it in my stride over the years… I always say myself it is a passing phase and saying that to you too dear… I really liked these lines in your blog – “I came across these lines by Sudha Murty in one of her books, “Behind every successful woman is a supportive man”. I thanked my stars that I actually have one!”… This is what end of the day we all have to believe and move on with your life…Enjoyed reading every word and looking forward to read all your blogs and more!!!

  • Parul Thakur

    Ramya – First things first, I am grateful that there are families like you in India who are taking care of the rest of us. Your sacrifices make me feel that I need to do something for you. So, when ever you get a chance to come to Bangalore, know that you all are very welcomed.
    Second, I agree that we need phases that help us see things in a different light. You got a moment for yourself and so we get too on and off. Lovely post and wishing you a great November! Hugs!

  • JayanthyGovindarajan (@JayanthyG)

    I am glad I read this post! It must be all black and white for you when it comes to making decisions! I have seen my aunts live like this! They are strong women I say! I can see how you handle all things by yourself. However, that heart misses those moments of togetherness! Nice post Ramya!

  • Vinitha

    Tough days are part of life, but we sail through them to get to the easy and good days. And then we look back nostalgically, forgetting all that was tough, cherishing all that was sweet with so much fondness. Hugs to you, Ramya. It can be overwhelming, taking care of everything all by yourself. You are doing great, I’m sure. You are right, we have a lot of little joys around us, we just have to focus on them. Have a great November. 😀

  • Obsessivemom

    A lovely post Ramya. It felt like we were chatting over a cup of tea. With my Husband away I can very well empathise with you – handling the children and running a household all on your own isn’t an easy task. Kudos to you for doing it all.

  • Rachna

    It must be tough on you, Ramya. It is never easy when the spouse is away. So much respect for your resilience and patience. And loved reading your Diwali memories. Take care and have a lovely November.

    • Ramya Abhinand

      Thank you so much rachna.. Am already feeling better after this gratitude post for OCtober. Hoping I am able to do one for NOvember too

  • Rajlakshmi

    Love how your are dealing with life right now. I remember how mom and dad would literally plan everything on phone… That too in PCO because we didn’t have a phone line back then. Army wives are made of a different mettle 😊 glad you had a lovely diwali.

  • Vidya Sury

    Wonderful post, Ramya. Why you thought it was a long post will remain a mystery to me!

    You are a strong, wise and warm Mom/Wife/human and that shines through in your post. Enjoy every moment that life brings — the happy and the could-be-better. Life is definitely better with the downs because the ups become that much more precious. My favorite pick-me-up is wading through my photo albums and they never fail to lift me and put things in perspective.

    Congrats on the Orange Flower Award nominations–I’ve voted on all three. All the best.

    Thank you so much for being part of the Gratitude Circle.

    • Ramya Abhinand

      Thank you so much Vidya. And now I am surely going to try and do a gratitude post every month. YOur warm words are making me feel better. Thanks for the votes too

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