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Looking Back on the Month of February

As the month of February ends and as I reflect upon it, a faint smile crosses my face…

Having spent a major portion of 2017 all by myself (thanks to the husbands constant absence), I had almost begun to display traces of being a loner. Thanks to a well-stocked library in the cantonment I live in, I found myself reading like as though I was possessed and, would often go out for long walks all by myself. Thus, it was a much needed thing when my elderly aunts decided to pay me a visit. At a time when I was sulking almost on a daily basis, their visit brought about some cheer, hope and a general feeling of well-being. There were memories rekindled and days of the past were revisited. Coincidently, I came across a research article that stressed on the importance of staying in touch with family members. Family bonds do wonders in bringing about a sense of belonging; they enhance communication and sort out mental and behavioral problems.

December, January and the first half of February, were difficult for us at home as we struggled with kiddo’s chronic disorder. On most days, despite the parental concern gnawing inside me, I would try to put up the bravest of face ‘lest it would affect her. But I soon realized that it was kiddo who was putting up a braver face, to ensure I stayed at peace. I would wake up at unearthly hours to be by her bedside. I was a bit over concerned and living under constant anxiousness. Thankfully, with a change in medication, kiddo displayed tremendous improvement in the past few weeks. Sometimes, children are far stronger than us mentally. They have no fear and worry lesser, thus are better at fighting out physical difficulties.

It was blogging that got me through all this. Finally in the month of February, my blog saw a brand new design and layout. I was glad it came out exactly the way I wanted it. After months of planning and setting goals, there were visible results with respect to traffic and engagement too. I managed to bring in more discipline in terms of scheduling posts. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your hard work garnering results.

 As the month of February comes to an end, I find myself feeling more hopeful. I realize things will get difficult and overwhelming at times, but sulking about it isn’t going to make you feel any better.

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  • shanayatales

    I am glad the little one is feeling better, and things are looking up on the blog front for you. It must be really gratifying to see the hard work pay off, especially because when it comes to blogging, so much of it is behind the scenes, that visible results can take time.

    Sending you lots of positive vibes, and wishing you have a wonderful March. 🙂

  • Anagha Yatin

    so many threads, so many activities and a spectrum of emotions…all in just 28 days! Life is so vibrant. Some shades bright and some shades dull…but the way you are taking it in stride, making progress on every front is so encouraging! Sending hugs, best wishes and loads of positive vibes your way Ramya.

  • Shalini

    Oh Ramya, I hope the kiddo is feeling better now. I’m always a ping away, you know that. Take care, dear Ramya. Here’s to a fantastic March 🙂
    P.S: Yes, the blog looks amazing! 🙂

  • Shirley Corder

    Well done on staying optimistic even when life got tough. I do hope Kiddo improves, and that you can get longer nights’ sleep in March! Thankful Thursday Week 9 and Write a Catchy Headline!

  • Parul Thakur

    I loved your attitude and optimism. Like you, I also talk myself into feeling better when things don’t go as I would want. Glad you had aunts who came over. Take care and ping me when ever you want to chat 🙂
    Have a good March. hugs!

  • Obsessivemom

    I completely identify with you on surviving with the Husband being away. However, I like how you adapt to being on your own. I start becoming crabby and actively seek the company of friends. Glad you had your aunts over. There’s nothing like reliving old memories with family members.
    I hope your daughter is feeling better now. It’s terrible when children fall ill.
    Love the new no-nonsense, clear layout of your blog.

  • BellyBytes

    Glad you reconnected with family and friends. Also am happy that you managed to read. Truly books are a man’s real friend. Hope your little one is ok now and you can enjoy Holi and the warm months ahead. BTW what theme are you using for your blog?

  • Lata Sunil

    Its really peaceful to stay around family and friends. Thankfully, my siblings and cousins stay close by. And in case of any help, we have many to help out. Hope you have a better March.

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