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Lone Fox Dancing-Autobiography by Ruskin Bond

just cannot review certain books. Surely I may sound very biased here. But, if I were to do a critical evaluation or try to assess the value of these books, it would be to undermine the author and his words. I simply cannot review Ruskin Bond and his books. I just pen down my whole experience of reading them!!!!!

Ruskin Bond’s autobiography was his birthday gift to his readers in the month of June. The book Lone Fox Dancing, documents his life- from a young boy in boarding school, life in England and finally his return to India and turning into a full-fledged author.

I was introduced to the world of Ruskin Bond in class eight. The first story that intrigued me then was that of little Thembu and Baldeo in The Tiger in the Tunnel. The love for reading began there and slowly I found myself savoring each one of his stories and poems. His stories have what I call a human element, and they connect one with the beauty and tranquility of nature. From the chorus of cicadas to the song of the whistling thrush, Bond can detail every aspect of life and nature in the warmest of ways.

A letter I received from the man himself, way back in 1999. I treasure it immensely till date!

Lone Fox Dancing– is his brilliantly written autobiography in his usual style with oodles of wit and humor. The book would charm you all through as he begins narrating his life from day’s in Jamnagar as a little boy. His happiest days are the ones in Delhi, during the war-stricken years. However he soon witnesses the separation of his parents and the untimely death of his father. Turning into almost a loner, he recalls days in boarding school in Shimla. Friends and neighbors in Dehradun become his life. His years in England as a young adult as he struggles to establish himself as a writer, and finally he sees the birth of his first published novel- The Room on the Roof. But, the growing restlessness within, and his desire to be amidst the hills of Mussoorie, gets him back to what he calls his home- Dehra. It is here that he establishes himself as Ruskin Bond the author, living with the trees, mist and sunshine that he so dearly loves.

Excerpt from Lone Fox Dancing: Published by Speaking Tiger Publishing

The book contains over fifty photographs of the author. Enjoyable anecdotes about his friends, his eccentricities and passions, soak you in warmth. Parts of these have already been published earlier too. Yet, having them under this one magnum opus book surely makes this a great read.

If you are a Ruskin Bond fan, then this book is a must read. It has passion, is funny, yet can move you to tears, and is magical in its own sweet way. It’s an opportunity to delve deeper into the birth of some of the best stories, ever written by Ruskin Bond.


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