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Something really moved me today…

For a while now I have been following a blog called However never really went through it once. But today as I sat scrolling through the blog, I was left stunned, moved and speechless. It was all about Tejaswee Rao, a bright Delhi youngster, who lost her life to dengue in 2010. Tejaswee was a regular blogger Her Blog Link : I was amazed at her posts. And was really saddened to see a young spirited girl loose her life all of a sudden. A post of hers that definitely lingers on in my mind is “letter to the future” . Her mother(refers herself as IHM) has kept the blog alive in memory of he daughter.

We all live our lives, going about our daily routines, fretting and stressing about the minutest of issues. Have we ever stopped, relaxed and taken life easy? When you come across such spirited youngsters, we realise it is important to take every day of life as it comes. Sit back and enjoy the journey of life. Because you only get it once.

These thoughts often cross our minds. But how many of us let it penetrate within us? How many of us let the thought sustain in our minds? Do we act on it the next morning or let it pass away like the cloud in the sky?….

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