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You Live Every Moment When You Say Yes to The World!

We travel for different reasons. Leaving the comforts of our home, we trot the globe to seek sights that are breathtaking, to soak in flavors of incredible cuisines and, to meet people who warm our hearts. For me, there is challenge in travel. A challenge to cope with new places, experiences and to be on my own! Yes, solo travel is my way. In a city unknown, with just a bag and a pack, and a map to come in handy, I stroll on the streets by myself. On a holiday alone, I travel far away from home, away from two little children.

As a woman, I spend a large part of my life in a routine, that’s filled with activities around the family. I am stuck in the never ending circle of tending to my little children and running errands around the home. It was at such a time, when I realized, I had begun to lose focus on what essentially I wanted from my life. I needed to break free from the routine. I needed to break the shackles of the stereotypical rule that, when the lady is out on her own, outside home, there is none to care for the family! I had to be open-minded about my role in life and on what I wanted to do.

I began to seek travel inspiration in places and things around me. With every opportunity I got to explore and travel, I realized life is nothing but a string of moments, not days. I soon woke up each day to welcome it with a big smile. I opened up to the world, and soaked in the experiences. All that I had done was to say yes to the world and travel.

I began to love the world:

When I stood amidst Egypt’s iconic pyramids to catch the breathtaking view of the golden desert sand. I learnt that even in extreme conditions, there is hope – there is an oasis around. The sight from the camel back remains etched in my mind since that day, unchanged. 

When I found in the interiors of Sikkim, a lovely girl who welcomed me into her home with a warm smile. I learnt that all it requires is a warm smile to win over a heart.

When I sat to eat the food prepared by the Langar at the Golden Temple in Amritsar. I learnt that true service surpasses caste, creed, religion or gender. That meal of roti, dal/sabzi together, seated amidst people from various walks of life, was the best meal I have ever had.

When out on a sail boat on the White Sea, the horizon was no limit. I learnt that life has no limits; you need to keep moving forward. 

Travel makes you smarter and savvier. It makes you more tolerant- of people, culture and food. Travel makes you greedy, as you begin to crave more for experiences. So break free from your routine, and #SayYesToTheWorld with Lufthansa and trust me you would fall in love with the world!


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