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Life Begins at 35- Really!!!

When I was twenty something, I often used to hear women, a wee bit older than me, state that “Life begins at 35 for a woman”. And almost always this statement used to amuse me. There seemed to be no truth in it for me.

At 35, on an average, most women are married with a baby or two. Some are physically not in great shape, well with a flab here or so, thanks to the child-bearing years.  Most, would have taken a sabbatical from their professional lives, to tend to their little ones. Many would be in the thick of responsibilities, juggling household chores, managing finances, and probably dealing with some really tough relationships.

In contrast at 25, I could party more with friends, travel around and enjoy a happening professional life. I could shop till I drop without having to bother about a household budget, and to top it all no serious responsibilities and pesky in-laws to handle. This statement almost remained an absurd thought for many years, until recently; the truth slowly dawned upon me.

”Life sure does get started at 35.” The thought that was once considered absurd by me has actually now become a reality in my life. Here are my reasons.

  • No free advises any more

The first thing every young bride hears on her wedding night is when she would be having her first baby. As simple as it may seem, the advice becomes an ultimatum by the elderly in the family, after the first year of marriage. And if you thought having a baby would solve this, well you are mistaken. Within a year, almost always, one gets to hear the importance of a sibling for the eldest child.

Surprisingly, as the years have gone by, and I have entered my mid 30’s, these free advises, ultimatums and instructions have almost disappeared. No more free advises on how to have and manage a family!!!

  • Fashion choices

Fashion choices in one’s twenties are mostly dominated by the latest trends. At mid-30s one’s sense of style drifts more towards comfort, apart from just what’s trending. And besides, confidence in personality booms in thirties, which is surely the key to being fashionable. So here I am now at 35, being able to carry myself in whatever I wear.

  • Speaking of the maturity within

When you are able to assess what you want out of life and understand your true potential, it speaks great volumes of your maturity within.  It is at 35, that I have got a better perspective of myself and the world around me, in comparison to an easy age life at 25.

  • Exploring ideas

Well creativity too peaks at 35 I guess. ‘Coz the accumulated knowledge of the past years help in innovation- in small daily things around me. Whether it is in a cookie baked at home, or that silly little clay model for my daughter, I am creative. And yes, it gives immense joy. Life sure has its own way of teaching you.

  • Energy at its peak

As I look back on my life, and at the various milestones I have crossed – of getting married, having children etc…, despite being in the thick of responsibilities, my energy levels have soared over the years. I am more keen on learning to do new things, to start something new, to travel and keep the momentum of life going.

Life in the twenties is a transition age. An age bridging youth, and a radically different adult life at 30 something.

So what about you? Do you also have reasons to say that” Yes, Life Begins at 35?

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