Jigsaw Puzzles Are a Joy for Children

Are you the kinds who enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles? Then you would surely agree with me that these little cardboard pieces can be fun as well as entertaining. What if I were to give you a jigsaw puzzle with 1000 pieces to work on? Would it still hold your interest?

The gift from Russia

On a recent trip to Russia, husband picked up a beautiful jigsaw puzzle of the Kremlin, knowing my love for solving such puzzles. My excitement knew no bounds as I opened the lovely puzzle. However, it was short-lived when I glanced on the reverse of the box. The jigsaw puzzle had 1000 pieces!!! I stared back at the man of the house. What did he have in mind? How does someone go about solving a puzzle such as this, where most of the pieces look almost similar? It would probably take me a life time to complete it.

My first ever puzzle at the age of eight

It was the end of my summer vacation and the first showers of the season had just set in. My parents were looking for a way to get me through the week without me resorting to television. A second hand puzzle was borrowed from an older cousin and was given to me to try my hand at. It contained three hundred pieces, a number that was unimaginably large for a child of eight. I still distinctly remember that it depicted a standard scene of a forest with a few animals, a snow capped mountain and a blue sky. I had absolutely no idea where I should begin from. My father sat patiently with me helping me segregate pieces. We started with the straight edge pieces and slowly moved inwards. And that was when I fell in love with jigsaw puzzles.

Pieces that help you bond

Way back in the eighties and parents being from that era, seldom bought puzzles from stores. It was always beg or borrow from neighbours and friends. I finally received my very own new jigsaw puzzle at the age of twelve, when an aunt returned from the United States of America. A five hundred piece Mickey Mouse puzzle it was, that took me over two months to complete. I still remember how my sister and I would sit huddled, hovering over the pieces trying to put them in the right place. It was an amazing time, when we sisters bonded.

The 1000 piece Kremlin puzzle did get solved

Yes, indeed the Kremlin puzzle was completed over a period of four months. There was a sense of achievement. But more than this joy of seeing it complete, I loved the fact that we as a family would sit together huddled, sans television, gadgets and other distractions. The jigsaw puzzle had actually brought the whole family together every evening. They say puzzles are an excellent activity for keeping your brain sharp. They do challenge dexterity, logic and spatial reasoning. It teaches you to focus and concentrate. But for me, it is nothing but the pure joy of seeing my family together, raking their brains, to bring out a creative side. 

Ever solved a jigsaw puzzle? What was your experience?


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