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Jaago Re- It is Time to Pre-act not React with Tata Tea

As I sat casually switching channels, sipping warm tea on a lazy Saturday afternoon,  the television flashed one of the most compelling and hard-hitting advertisements of recent times. Tata Tea is back again with its trademark “Jaago Re” campaign. And this time around the brand has brought into forefront what is essentially known as pre-activism, urging consumers to pre-act and not react to prevent social crises.

Pre-Activism- Isn’t it the need of the day?

If this term had to be laid out in a simple form, it is nothing but a sort of awakening, to learn and finally find an answer to underlying problems……well before one strike. The advertisement carries the potent voice of the young girl, as a bunch of people lie sleeping away in the backdrop.  

“Alarm abhi baja nahi, Rape abhi hua nahi. Kisan abhi mara nahi, abhi ye phul gira nahi. Khiladi ne medal abhi hara nahi, alarm abhi naja nahi….” (Translation from Hindi: The alarm hasn’t gone off yet, nor has the rape happened. We are awaiting farmer suicides, bridges to collapse and players to lose medals. The alarm has still not gone off….)

It is almost always, that we collectively as a society react with outrage only after apathy has befallen! We head out on candle marches. Oh well!!!! Of course express anger on social media, crib about the deteriorating law and order of the country. We boil with rage when a catastrophe strikes.

But does it really solve our issues?

Candle marches, Facebook posts, Twitter protests and arm chair activism, it’s time to change our behavior towards what affects our society. The outrage must metamorphosis into a newer form of activism- and that is prevention. Can you and I do something? Of course we can.

  • Make some noise, well before something goes wrong.
  • The government needs to hear- whether it is encouraging our sports personnel or securing the lives of our farmers.
  • Do your bit for your city.
  • Segregate and recycle waste.
  • Be sensible on the road, by doing your bit such as reducing noise pollution and road rage.
  • Raise your children, boys as well as girls responsibly.

Its high time we pre-act than react!!!!!!!                  

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  • Vinitha

    I have rarely expressed my anger and anguish towards crimes and unfortunate accidents in social media in the recent years. Last time I did that was right after the Delhi rape case and learned that it doesn’t alter the actuality of situations. My solution always was, still is, to teach our kids better. And in order to do that we need to teach us better, compassion, kindness, love and respect. All of it should start from within us and spill into our kids. Yeah, sure I’m entering into that daydreaming segment now. But yes, I agree, raise our kids both boys and girls responsibly. Of course, all the points you listed above are true, Ramya.

  • Maliny Mohan

    There is enough and more hue and cry over the injustice prevailing in our society. The ad is yet another hard hitting display of the need of the hour. But, I wish there comes a day when the society would be devoid of crimes. Until that day comes, no amount of hue and cry would be enough in this world.

  • Modern Gypsy

    I so agree! Regular outrage and armchair activists have become the norm. But not too many people actually walk the talk in real life. It’s high time we made out voices heard and actively campaigned for change. Very thought provoking post.

  • Kaddu

    Very few people really do anything worthwhile! College going kids sit on the stairs in the market where I have my shop, and smoke like there’s no tomorrow, and then leave the cigarette butts right there on the stairs, when the dustbin is just outside the market! Kids buy pens from my store and throw the packing outside! Everybody knows plastic is bad for the planet, but they still want me to give them plastic bags to carry their shopping in from my store! Change will NEVER happen just by blaming the government.

  • Sid Balachandran

    I’ll confess – I’m not against armchair activism. I’m only against it when one thinks that their job is over just because they shared or RT’d a few things.
    It’s a question each of us should be asking ourselves – what are we doing differently? How can we contribute – even if it is the most minute way.

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