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Book Review: It Happens For a Reason by Preeti Shenoy

Preeti Shenoy- Yes, she is an author I have been hearing a lot about. Her books are being discussed in the online circuit, she’s been nominated for the Forbes List of the 100 most influential celebrities of India since 2013 and, she is a blogger-turned-author. Ah ha! Now this last bit of info made me sit up.

And I read “It Happens for a Reason”! (Yawn Yawn Yawn….)

Let’s get to Vee, aka Vipasha. As a single mom, Vee juggles between her home run centre- “Paw Factor” for canines, and her job at the gym, to take care of her boy Aryan, born out of wedlock.  Way too simple, Vee seldom pays attention to her dressing, or looks (or the smell of dogs). Yet her pushy friend Suchi seldom gives up on her, and tries to fix her up with “eligible” men, to settle down in life. Vee on the other hand, isn’t too keen, given her busy schedule and the bitterness left behind by the man in her life Ankush. When on a bad day, over a few glasses of wine, Vee pours out her heart about her past life to Saurabh the quirky vet, she secretly develops an uncanny fondness for him. That’s when out of the blue, Ankush comes back into her life….

The plot sure doesn’t seem to be breath taking or fresh. Infact, to me it was just another run-of-the mill Bollywood styled writing. Did I find some likeness to the erstwhile hit movie Julie? But anyways, a simple plot as it may seem, writing a love story/drama about the life of a single mother, involves bringing in greater depth to the characters, to their thought processes, their approaches to life and their other relationships and perspectives. Preeti’s book has practically done justification to none. What were Vee’s apprehensions about her future and life? Did she have lonely moments? Did thoughts of Ankush come up often? Emphases on these points have not been adequately done.

After a considerable number of pages with pointless narration and sub plots, Preeti brings Ankush back into Vee’s life. The chemistry between the two during the second half yet again has been completely ignored. Infact Ankush’s characterization seems to have been given least importance. Who was Ankush? (Apart from his professional background) What was his predicament, to walk out on Vee? The climax of the book too is a total let down. Very predictable. I always feel when an author is writing a love story, he has to make readers believe in it. Readers must be able to relate to it. And this is where Preeti has failed in the book. Plain narration, in a typical school essay style, the writing does not keep you hooked for a long time. I ended up yawning quite a bit and flipped through most pages with extreme ease.

There aren’t many reasons to pick up the book “It Happens for a Reason”. Not a great work from a popular/ bestselling author. One might as well pick up a glossy magazine instead.

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