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Is The True Indian a Very Scared Person?- Guest Post By Priyanka

Aren’t we the cultured, patient, tolerant, civilized extremely hard working, brainy people, invading the smartest of the workplaces throughout the world? Or are we something else all-together? Read this interesting guest post from Priyanka– a reader, and her take on who we actually are. 

Irrespective of the language or religion of a nation, we Indians have a natural tact to blend in and survive!! Yes, that’s the word that describes us. We know how to survive. And what’s unique in our survival instinct is that we don’t fight!! We never fight!! Look at our own independence!!! No fight at all…..all peace and non violence.

Somewhere this tendency is so deep rooted that irrespective of our states, language or religion, if you happen to belong to this subcontinent you have been brought up by your beloved and doting parents to believe in the fact that heroes don’t fight!! For anything…they walk on the path of morals, truth and honesty and compromise their dreams, sacrifice their happiness for a greater cause, which in our mere mortal world is stability and society (they are great demonic causes).

So let’s get to the point straight!! If you’re from a moderately traditional middle class family in India, you have probably got an overdose of traditions and morals by the time you hit 18 and would actually be lucky enough to get a college far from home!! So that at least you can live on your own terms (albeit on your dad’s /mom’s money). You might think that you have an artist’s flair for the brush, or have an inner calling for writing or literature fascinates you but what happens when you voice this to your folks? “Where is the stability? And what will the society say?”

Who Decides Them?

The two demons I mentioned above surface and they will keep popping their heads at every crucial juncture of your life!! That is until you decide for yourself and become selfish! The moment you want to do what pleases you and is drastically different from the view point of your conventional family they come screaming at you “Why are you being so unreasonable and selfish?” That’s guidance for you and what they say is the wisdom of ages.

But aren’t they forgetting that ages change and so must wisdom? Transistors have vanished with the advent of televisions, changes have happened with the internet revolution…that’s how the world’s been turning and it’s true that we didn’t start this fire!!  It was always burning since the world’s been turning. So why be afraid???

The sense of obligation towards our parents is so great that we spend a good part of our lives living up to their images of a perfect life. We are made to believe that that’s what is right and good for us.  Most of us try and remain politically correct and agreeable to elders in the family, to save ourselves the onslaught of obligatory moral lectures! What if we know that what we want is going to hurt their feelings and make them mighty upset? How many would dare to go on to find their own path at the cost of their happiness?

So u see the race as a whole is afraid to express its true selves which has hampered our creativity as a nation so badly, that we have allowed ourselves to be ruled upon by nonsensical myths and traditions. We try and justify everything with some pseudo-scientific explanation. From marriage customs, to girl child, to education, to medical issues, societal issues, religious issues, we sure do have a justification. Boys and girls are brought up to believe that religion (whichever) and their grand history is something they should identify themselves with. Things that ;first have no relevance ; second you don’t understand and hence never relate to; and third making you weak and not encouraging to go out and find your true calling. Oh but who wants a true calling? Wouldn’t there be a loss of stability (monetary) and societal prestige??

Well, I don’t wish to be pessimistic but true Indian today is a very scared person!


Priyanka is a spirited young woman with a take of her own on most things in everyday life. She could laugh on almost everything, including herself. She  calls the shots in her typical Indian home, with two little brats as her aides and her knight in shining armour(read hubby) to counter her.

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