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Here There and Everywhere- Sudha Murty’s 200th Book

Her books are rather simple, and often aren’t considered to be masterpiece literature. Yet, I still read them. For, there exists in her stories an element of honesty, an underlying thought that gets me into an introspective mode. Here There and Everywhere is Sudha Murty’s 200th title published. The book is a collection of her best-loved stories from across her various books, along with a few freshly brewed ones.

“Most people undertake an arduous journey full of highs and lows that helps them modify and create new perspectives, thus forming a better understanding of the world and realizing the fact that real passion is much more beautiful than the pinnacle of their achievements…” Sudha Murty, Here There & Everywhere

Twenty two stories…twenty two thoughts

There is something about reading real life stories, and I often find them far more enjoyable than fiction. Sudha Murty’s stories are such. Her tales and her experiences bring out a learning- of humanity and life. Whether it is her efforts in teaching her grandmother to read, or her father’s humane touch as a doctor, the personal anecdotes warm the heart. She has seen her share of trials and tribulations as a young girl, being the only female in an entire batch of engineering students at her college. Today, Sudha Murty is determined to give back to society, and this is reflected in each one of her stories.

Words that are simple, words that stays on

So often the greatest of tales are told in the simplest of words, and they leave an impact to last a life time. As a candid account of her work and her reach on people, this non-fiction knocks on that door of your heart to make you reflect inwards. No fancy jargons, no mind boggling plots, the simplicity and honesty in the narration leave behind a food for thought. As you read through the stories you can’t help, but notice the wisdom in her words layered with wit and humor. 

The book is a short and easy read. Don’t expect great writing eloquence or superfluous words; but do enjoy her subtle humor hidden within the pages. If you have read other Sudha Murty short story books you may find that a good number of stories are repeats. Do note, this being her 200th published book, her well known stories have been pulled into one. So you are bound to find a few already read stories. However if you are a first time reader, this is a good collection to start off with. A straight forward and simple fare- that’s what Here There and Everywhere is!

Let’s talk: Do you like to read stories about people and experiences that lie strewn around us? More so, have you read Sudha Murty books before?

Here, There and Everywhere: Best-Loved Stories of Sudha Murty
The book is available on Amazon in paperback and e-book format.

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