Grandparents- The Best Caregivers After You

What is it with us moms? For often we make plans, just to feel guilty about it at a later time. So recently a sponsored holiday trip came our way, and hubby and I were all too keen to grab the opportunity. But this also meant leaving our 6 year old for a week with my parents. Kiddo loves spending time with them, as there are seldom any rules for her in their home. However this would be the first time she would be without either one of us- hubby or me- for a couple of days.

It was tough indeed! As I let those tiny palms slip out of my hand, at the airport, I turned my face away, ‘lest my kiddo notice them. What if she cried through the nights? Maybe she wouldn’t eat her meals properly. What if it affects her psychologically? Would she really be okay? Maybe I shouldn’t be doing this trip. The thoughts ran wild as the flood gates opened and tears tumbled down my eyes. From behind the glass, I saw her staring as though into the oblivion. I was guilt stricken.

During the course of the next few days, I would message my mom constantly to check how she was doing.  It was only after receiving the usual “She’s fine don’t worry…” kind’s message, I would feel at peace. The day I landed back; I couldn’t wait to get home to her. Every minute in the traffic seemed like an era. As I reached my parents’ home, I saw kiddo digging with her toy spade in the garden, unaware I stood behind. I called out to her, and she came running. The floodgates opened again and my tears were uncontrollable. Kiddo looked up and asked, “So what did you buy for me?” I simply laughed.


I soon realized how silly it was of me to feel guilty about the trip, ‘coz kiddo had spent a happy week enjoying the simple joys of life, sans gadgets and video games. Mornings were for digging up the garden with my father, exploring life in the soil or lying on the grass admiring the butterflies strutting around. When she had had enough of the mud all over her, she would splash around in a tub of water. Afternoons were spent lazing around reading and singing old songs which grandma would teach her. They would cook together with kiddo seated on the kitchen platform until she retired to bed tired, after a nice story session –of Gods, kings and horses.

Grandparents sure play a crucial role in nurturing children, whether they live in the next street or miles away in another city. The bond between them and the child is truly special. For us parents, feeling guilty about leaving them with grandparents should seldom exist. The child stays happy and active in their company and, for the grandparents it is delightful to receive unconditional love. It fills lonely lives with joy, and keeps them energized, post retirement.

And of course don’t we also require that quality time with spouse?

So the next time you plan to leave your child for a week, give them the opportunity to bond with their grandparents. It is the safest and the best place to get children to live without their parents as it creates intimate memories that would last a lifetime. 

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  • adsunsri

    Undoubtedly Ramya, grandparents can take care of kids much better that we do as there is an extra dose of love and affection ingredient added to it. I had the good fortune of living in a joint family and my children soaked in their upbringing.

    • Me Otherwise

      Oh thats brilliant! I exactly understand what you say. I have grown up in a similar way, in a joint family, and consider myself lucky to have been part of that set up. Unfortunely things are different these days, yet as a parent, i realise for my child it is imporant she recives their care too. Thanks for sharing your points!

  • Rachna

    How lovely! As scared as we are in letting them go, kids do love it when left with close relatives. They get pampered and really have a good time. Good that you took the step. I am sure you must have had an awesome time as well. 🙂

    • Me Otherwise

      Well feeling a little bad that I didnt realy enjoy myself to the hilt. My mind kept wandering to my little girl. But surely the next time, I wouldnt be all that guilt stricken!!!

  • Tune Up Success

    I agreed with you, specially I found the differents when see my kid who missed out her grandparents whether I was in native vilage with my grandpa and grandma and all other family member , where I had used to learn a lot of about life in the child hood , I really misssing now and it’s big factor what my child is not getting ..

  • Beat About The Book

    You’re right. Leaving the kids with grandparents is a wonderful way for them to bond. The fact that the kids are gadget free and see happy – that’she a huge plus. Though with my twins I’d feel some sympathy for the grandparents.

  • Rajlakshmi

    I too feel it’s important that kids bond with grandparents and spend some quality time with them… that way the parents can spend the time together 🙂 Hope you enjoyed your time off 🙂

  • Sid Balachandran

    Ah! The eternal debate. We went through these questions too before we decided to take a ‘jump’ and tried leaving our son with both sets of grandparents. In retrospect, it was a good choice – not only did we get some ‘couple’ time, he also bonded really well with his grandparents. Which was key, since they don’t live in the same city (or in case of my parents, the same country, even).

  • Parul Thakur

    You are absolutely right! I was in a session and the speaker was a senior Vice President and a woman. She was asked if she felt guilty of leaving children at home while she had to travel for work and she coped with it. Her response was that no one can stop children from growing. That’s natural and it will happen. However, do they really need their Mum and Dad 24 x 7? No. All they need is quality time. One that creates memories, makes them learn about life and stays as they grow up. Most mothers feel guilty of not having spent enough time with their children. But when children grow up, will that matter? If they remember that their mother was a hard working woman and they try to be her, that would certainly matter.

    • Me Otherwise

      WEll said Parul. As parents we dont need to keep hovering over the kids 24/7. Apart from what quality time we give them, staying with their grandparents, is the first step towards living on their own without the primary caregivers- the parents.

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