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Getting to the belly of Delhi

Thinking about Delhi evokes an image that is fascinating, exasperating and chaotic all at the same time. The frenetic pace at which the city moves could be mind boggling. But it takes a second more to discover a picture of lot redeeming aspects of this ancient city.

Steeped in historical legacy, ruins of ancient architecture peeking out through the streets, colonial designs, string of sights and attractions you will be surely left asking for more as your explore this timeless city. You need a significant amount of time while travelling through this ancient attraction to soak in all that it has to offer.

The trump card of Delhi is that it is known as much for its history as it is for its cultural and political significance. A dynamic city which has a plethora of sights to offer for the discerning tourist. The attractions and the general ethos of Delhi paint a pretty and colourful picture to help you plan your trip.

Pleasure, Leisure, Business , Work all mixed into one

With its growing significance as a welcoming city, Delhi has grown to be recognised as  a tourist gateway as well as a thriving business centre. One of the most sought after destinations by multinationals to set up operations, it is now home to several business travellers and a range of population diverse in culture, ethnicity and language.

Noida and Gurgaon, cities bordering Delhi have now become equally busy with this unprecedented growth. Any kind of traveller, now faces a major challenge in navigating his way from the airport to his destination. The traditional modes of transport are still functional but the question is whether they are cost effective and save time.

A tourist would definitely not want to begin his holiday with a strenuous journey to the hotel he is checking into. Similarly a person visiting for work does want to make his journey a laborious adventure.

Airport shuttles

The starting point where any visit commences is the airport, and Delhi airport is one of the busiest in the country. A minimum journey time to the destination would be no less than 30 minutes depending on the traffic brawl. It is now possible for visitors to the city to avail of a self-drive Delhi airport taxi service which is aimed at relieving stress associated with air travel and navigation around the city. Airport Taxi Booking through providers like Zoomcar is the answer.

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  • Vinitha

    I have never been to Delhi, though I have heard a lot about the city. Of late due to the increased pollution levels Delhi’s name is in the bad book. Love to read your descriptions about this city, Ramya.

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