Handling Generation Gaps

Generation gaps- They have always been around, from time immemorial. The age difference between my parents and me is roughly around 25 years. And surely, in this time, there have been a string of technological advancements, lifestyle and societal changes. These changes are bound to bring about a generation gap by way of difference in opinions and thought processes.

What causes generation gaps?

Generation gaps are the results of the differences that creep in due to the changes in time and worlds we are born in. The world around us experiences changes with every passing moment. And over a period of time, these changes are noticeable. When people don’t grow along, adapt or evolve, clashes are bound to happen. Thus, understanding that generation gaps are a normal thing and exists all around, makes it easy to peacefully co-exist.

From teens to adulthood

For years now, I have had constant opinion differences with my parents. In fact, during my teens, these differences were on an all-time high, when I would find every single thing they said going against me. When they would not allow me to have it all my way, I would often become repulsive. It definitely is a common problem among teens, when one feels the parent isn’t really trying to be understanding. But over the years, with maturity having set in, I look back and thank God that my parents were actually strict. It probably made me the person I am today. Surely if they would have let me have it all my way, I would have made far too many mistakes and have caused irrecoverable damages to my life.

As a fully grown adult, I still experience clash of views with my elderly parents and I do lose my cool very often. But once I calm down, I look at the issue at hand more practically. Despite sharing the same core values with my parents, we still have starkly different opinions. Many a times we don’t really appreciate each other’s point of view. But over the years we have learnt to live with it all. Somewhere, we have understood that this world, is big enough to accommodate each one of us, with all are differences included.  We have learnt to co-exist despite all the opposing opinions.

Can the clashes be handled?

At a young age, parents are our primary caretakers and well-wishers. They are experienced and knowledgeable. Thus it makes more sense to respect their age. If you do find them to be over protective, do take that step to discuss the issue practically. As an elderly parent of full grown adults, do acknowledge the fact that the child is now a grown individual and has his or her own opinions and thought. They are old enough to take on the world and its best to leave decisions to their discretion.

How do you handle generation gap clashes?

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  • Ankur.incomeBoy

    As teenagers, we surely have views and opinions which is totally different from that of our parents. But with age, I have realized that there was merit in their thought process (most of the time).
    thanku for sharing this post

  • inquisitivegeet

    Generation gap always stays,no matter what you do! All we can try is keep ourselves updated and make an effort to understand the mindset of the other person.


  • shalzmojo

    I feel the gap between me and my nieces and nephews; so now can relate how my parents feel when I get stubborn or feel they dont understand!!

    I am not into seafood but these photographs make me wanna jump into them!!! The sky is an amazing azure!!! Loved it Raj

  • Kaddu

    That happens so often even with elderly parents! My Dad and I end up with locked horns so many times! Generation gap. I just have to keep reminding him again and again that times have changed.
    I loved that advice in your last paragraph. It is perfect.
    Happy AtoZing!
    Chicky @

  • Shilpa Garg

    As teenagers, we surely have views and opinions which is totally different from that of our parents. But with age, I have realized that there was merit in their thought process (most of the time). Of course, there are times when we both dont agree with our respective choices and decisions but we have learnt to live with them.

  • Rajlakshmi

    I think most teenagers feel that they know more than their parents … I used to be like that too. It’s only when we grow up and start living out lives do we realize how stupid and rebellious we were. Now I feel they are very cute … with their old ways and view 🙂

  • Ericka @ A Quiet Girl's Musings...

    I have two stepchildren, ages 21 and 18, who are still at home. The generation gap is very apparent, and has been for several years. How to handle it? Well, their father and I stand our ground. We make a quick attempt to let them know that we understand where they are coming from because we were teens once ourselves, but it quickly falls on deaf ears. The most important thing – we stick to our guns. We are trusting in the belief that one day they will look back and see that we were doing what we thought was best, despite how unpopular our decisions may be with them at the time.

    Visiting from A to Z

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