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From Diagnosis until Death- The Toughest Journey till date

Dad was diagnosed with colorectal cancer on the 1st of March 2010. He passed away on 17th October 2014. His 4yrs and 7month fight against cancer has been tough not only on him, but on each and every one of us. Mom- the pillar of support, towards the end, started to lose her cool too.

On days she used to feel low, “L” and me kept pusing her spritis up telling her that we’ll fight it out. We wont let dad giveup. But she just had this one thought- Is he living with cancer or, is he dying with cancer?

Looking back, I feel maybe he is in a better place now, calm and more peaceful. No chemos, no PETs, no Adjuvant therapy nothing at all… I now truly agree with mom… he really wasnt living a life after diagnosis—- He was dying with cancer.

The 4 odd years of our lives have been tough. Starting today, I shall share all our experiances – diagnosis treatment, hospital rounds and all other aspects of fighting the ailment. I hope it helps other people probably in a similar state.

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