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Fisher Queen- The Strong Headed Woman of the Kuru Dynasty #AtoZChallenge


“Life is only given to us once, and I wanted to live it boldly,

with full consciousness and beauty and honesty- at least to myself.”

Kavita Kane Fisher Queen’s Dynasty

She was the queen of Hastinapur. Yet, when it comes to the great Mahabharata, her story is seldom spoken about, despite her responsibility in the continuation of the Kuru dynasty, and the consequences that would later lead to the Kurukshetra war. Fisher Queens’s Dynasty by Kavita Kane is the story of Satyavati, the second wife of the Hastinapur king, Shantanu. The book is about the courage, confidence and lesser known facts about Satyavati- the royal mother, the queen and the person who gave King Shantanu his heir to the throne!

Satyavati-the strong headed queen with a past that is to haunt her for life

Born as a princess yet abandoned at birth, and raised as a fisher woman, she has her own battles to fight. Ambitious as she is, it isn’t going to be easy to ensure she gets what she is truly entitled to- the position of a queen. In her quest to fulfill her desires, her pawn in her scheme of things is Bhishma, who is forced to vow a life of celibacy and relinquish the throne of Hastinapur, so that his father could marry Satyavati.

Satyavati does regret this later; however in her newly found role as the queen of Hastinapur, there is no time for it all. She has to brush it aside and prove herself to the people and kingdom. Hastinapur needs to have its heir and a king to rule and as the queen mother; she could go to any extent to ensure the Kuru dynasty continues. The stage seems to be set, with the arrival of her three grandchildren Dhritrashtra, Pandu and Vidura. But little does she know that it is just the beginning, of greed and contempt, which goes on to bring about the great Kurukshetra war!

A gradual progression of Satyavati from a young girl to a woman, a journey that makes you sigh and grieve. 

This post is a part of the A to Z Blogging Challenge where I write about twenty six women characters from books, who have left an impact on me. You can read the previous posts here- Women in Books


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