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Jeffrey Archer Kane and Abel

After a string of average reads, I finally read something that made me say WOW!!!! Jeffrey Archer surely has woven magic in Kane and Abel (The story has nothing to do with the Biblical Cain and Abel). This book has it all- History, romance, suspense and drama. Kane and Able is a masterpiece, all with its well-developed story line that draw you right into each page.

“Fortune favours the brave”
— Jeffrey Archer (Kane and Abel)

The story of William Kane and Abel Rosnovski

They were both born on the same day in different parts of the world, totally unrelated. The two are distinctly apart, yet similar in many ways. Where William is the son of a Boston based Billionaire, Abel is a poor Polish immigrant out in the world seeking fortune. And when fate makes their paths cross, there is hatred, and an all-consuming rage to build their empire. Who succeeds? Do they learn to survive or is it the inevitable-of destroying each other?

 A must for enthusiastic readers

Kane and Abel is a beautifully carved saga that would mesmerize you at every stage. I first read this book when I was in high school, and just couldn’t resist reading it a second time. Some books indeed are captivating and the story would linger on longer than you think. What stands out is the brilliant characterization. Two strong minded individuals, from completely different backgrounds, yet are essentially similar, deep down in their hearts. They may be despicable, yet scratch within and you would surely find that spot of compassion and warmth. I have read other Jeffrey Archer books but nothing has come close to Kane and Abel, I must say. With a compelling story, it touches on a range of subjects, from the times of World War 1, till post World War 2 times. I struggled to put down the book.

The sore point

The book is voluminous and there are sub-plots crammed into each of the pages. Major portions of the story are purely descriptive without much of dialogues. I found a few of the chapters to be stretched. And with the narration oscillating between the two characters- “Kane and Abel”, I was a bit lost. Quite forgot what had been happening with the other character when I returned to him in subsequent chapters.

Nevertheless Kane and Abel is a masterpiece and a must read. The book is today considered an international success. Despite over 30 years of its release, it is still among the top on the New York Times best-seller list and among the top 100 list of best-selling books in the world. The sequel to Kane and Abel is The Prodigal Daughter, in which Florentyna Kane is the protagonist.

Kane and Abel is available in e-book format for Kindle Readers and paperback format on

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