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Ek Nayi League

I am not much of a cricket buff. I seldom catch any match on television except when it is an India Pakistan World Cup match. And even then, I seldom watch it in entirety. But something did catch my eye today. Something interesting that has been doing the rounds on social media networks. I came across a series of promotional videos that featured cricketer Kapil Dev.

What was Kapil Dev doing on Twitter? This was my first reaction. I soon realized what it was. Titled “Ek Nayi League”, a series of videos have been trending in the top spots on twitter under the hash tag #EkNayiLeague. It has also gone viral across other platforms such as YouTube.

What is Ek Nayi League? To find out I had to see the video. Kapil Dev the man who made the country proud by lifting the World Cup in 1983 had something to say in them. What was it? I had to know.

The series of videos that have been made has Kapil Dev speaking on a range of things. He has referred to a few famous celebrities such as Dev Anand, MS Dhoni, Sania Mirza and Yuvraj Singh. He speaks of how they have always done things from their heart. He stresses on one thing in all the videos, that is, the new league is all about playing with your brain and not playing with your heart.

After watching all the videos, I did get a considerable amount of insight into what exactly Ek Nayi League is going to be. I personally feel it is going to be a game show involving a team of players, who put their brains together to win something big. The winning prize could be something that they have always craved for, something of great value to them.

The format of the show would be something on the lines of a quiz show where one would have to use logical thinking and reasoning. I agree we have had many such shows earlier, such as Kaun Banega Crorepati or the renowned Bournvita quiz contest. But I feel this may be a quiz show with a difference. Maybe it is a sports quiz show, or a kind-off faceoff with the masses and celebrities.

Here is another point that came up in my mind after I watched the series of videos. Kapil Dev talks about Yuvraj Singh, his battle with cancer, and his coming back in IPL and being auctioned at 16 crores. Is he trying to imply that the game would involve huge bucks?

I wonder.

In the days of celebrity cricket, Indian Premier Leagues and other gaming shows, Kapil Dev’s Ek Nayi League sounds pretty promising. It sure would be a reality show aimed at the masses and would involve both the television medium as well as the online world.

Here’s linking you to the site . link to http://www.eknayileague.com/

You could watch the videos here and take your guess

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