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Morning Walks Are Magical

As Henry Thoreau once said, “An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day”. The essence and truth behind this statement sunk into me deeply, only off-late. For a long time my mornings were marked with the stress and the madness of getting two young kids dressed and packed to school. As much as I would decide every night to pay heed to the early morning alarm, the multiple five minute snoozes on the clock ensured I got up just in time to get lunch boxes and breakfast ready, and board the kiddos onto their school buses. By the time it was all done, phew, was I exhausted.

Morning walks are therapeutic. It opens up your mind, clears negative thoughts and brings about a whole new freshness.

City life, crowded roads & obstacle course 

Living in a city a couple of years back, my morning walks were not only impossible, but were seldom enjoyable too. Early morning commuters and their constant honking, broken footpaths, debris and garbage all around; morning walk on the street was more an obstacle course. The walk would leave me more grumpy and irritable.

Cantonment life and the power of morning walks

Thanks to the transfer Gods up above, I was back within the environs of a cantonment sooner than I thought. Neatly laid out roads, vast areas of free space and thick foliage, it’s a blessing to be a part of this. It served as my motivation to get myself up and about int he mornings for a brisk walk. A week of continuous push from within myself, and at the crack of dawn everyday, I splashed my face with water, brushed my hair up and was out in the open. The dim lighting across the skies, the moist air and the early cooing of the koel, in no time, it seemed the world had embraced me in a warm snug. The silhouettes of trees, and peeping between them the white sea, nature was framed within. 

Morning sights, nature in a frame!

Slowly the skies grew into a lighter shade of blue as the sun peeped out from behind the clouds. And that’s when the other sounds of the morning enveloped the air. The paper boy whizzing past on his cycle, the milk man tinkling his bell, and the flower and vegetable seller calling out their ware. I spotted more morning fitness freaks, gadgets et all, some running some cycling, some simply walking like me. 

It was time for me to head back, to start another day, another new beginning, with lunch boxes, school bags and crisp uniforms laid out for the kids. I wasn’t sure if I had burnt any calories, but surely my mind felt fit and active.

The road to bliss? Or just a happier state of mind? Ah, the day has never felt better!

What is your morning magic like?

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  • Mann (@Munkaun)

    Morning time is awesome especially to witness the sun rise!!! I have never been a morning person but sometime I push myself though it happens rarely, and the effect stays with me for many days. good step.

  • writenlive

    The way you described your morning walks they do sound magical.

    I too believe in this therapy. I started going for morning walks with my dad when I was a kid and fell in love with the serenity of early mornings. I am still at it. That time is sacred for me. Not even rain or a strong sun can stop me these days .

  • BellyBytes

    There’s really nothing like a morning walk to get your thoughts organised. I used to be a regular morning walker with my dog and loved the walks in the Cantonment. But now in a busy metropolis where traffic begins as early as 5 am ( milk trucks, egg and bread men, newspaper boys) I find the biggest fiddle is getting up and changing clothes, wearing shoes and walking….. Am I getting old?

  • d3athlily

    Sounds like you have a great morning routine! I walk my dog early in the morning, so right now, because it’s winter, it’s mostly in the dark. This morning was the first time in months that I saw the sun starting to rise in the horizon, and it was beautiful. I look forward to spring when I can see the sunrise from the start of my walk. 🙂

  • MM Schreier

    I love that you’re finding the time and are living in a space where you can appreciate morning walks. As someone with a dog, I also end up walking every morning, usually pretty early since he rarely lets me sleep in! It’s a lovely way to begin the day!

  • Shilpa Garg

    Early morning walks truly are magical for your day and works wonders for your mind and body too. Natural beauty, early morning routines of the world and the enthusiasm of other morning joggers/walkers is so refreshing, calming and inspiring. Glad that you are enjoying your morning walks, Ramya!

  • Rajlakshmi

    I absolutely loved the way you described the morning… The sky and the sounds … So refreshing! Never mind the calories, what matters in the end is how you felt 😊

  • Balaka

    Lucky you!! I also love my morning walk. Even though I live in a crowded city like Mumbai yet thankfully my society has a nice walking track with plants lined up on both sides. I love my walk. These days due to rains I am missing out but try to catch up whenever I can.

  • Obsessivemom

    Congratulations Ramya on finally getting down to it. The only hard part is the getting out of bed. Once that’s done morning walks are the best way to start a day. I try to get mine once I wave the children off in their school bus and I completely enjoy that hour with myself.

  • Anagha Yatin

    Yeah you did it!
    Morning walk is the time I feel that flushes out all the clogged thoughts from the mind and liberates it to welcome the day with much enthusiasm. It definitely is therapeutic.

  • writershilpa

    I love walks… But I find the time to enjoy them in the evenings. Earlier I would of go for a walk in the morning too, but then I started yoga. But, waking up at the crack of dawn and experiencing the beauty of nature at that hour, and basking in it all is the best way to begin your day!
    I loved the description of your walk time, Ramya ! 😊💕💕

  • Rachna

    I love walks. Morning walks mostly don’t happen for me as I am busy packing off the kids to school but when I can I really love them. Most times I walk in the evenings. Catching up with people, marveling at the flowers, trees, the greenery and the sky and also have conversations with the family. It is a beautiful time.

  • Meenakshi

    So glad that you were able to seep in the glory of morning walks,Ramya..I too love them but seldom do I get time to indulge in this luxury! And guess what…just today as I completed my morning exercise session, I felt so complete and blissful…Looks like we are on the same boat near karwar 😉

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