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This Durga Puja 2016 Get That Total Makeover of Fashion & Hair with the AlterMirror App

    I admit today. My sense of fashion and style is wretched. Oh well! Before you do get me all wrong, I shall make one thing clear. I know how to keep my clothes clean and ironed. Yet when it comes to dressing and styling, I just don’t seem to get it right. To me, my clothes and looks must represent my personality, saying who I am without having to speak a word.  They would need to give that first impact, of the individual that I am.

In my 30 odd years of existence on planet earth, I have found 3 categories of people as far as fashion and style is concerned. The first category is conscious about their image and works with a professional fashion consultant to get that perfect look.  The second category has a fairly decent idea of fashion and style and they explore and experiment on their own to dress appropriately. I belong to the third category with not an iota of fashion sense. Nor can I afford an image consultant to do the job. My clothes are randomly picked up off the shelves making me look older and clumsy.

But what probably seems to have borne the brunt of my lack of fashion and style sense is my hair. Having experimented way too much with random over the counter hair products and with hair styles that would only be suitable for film actresses on screen, my hair had turned into a mess. What was once a thick, bouncy pony tail is now merely a rat’s tail. No amount of ‘Googling’ made me wiser about what I needed to do to get a perfect hair style that went with my overall look.

And to the rescue came an Android app in shining armour- ‘AlterMirror’.

  • AlterMirror is a new age mobile grooming platform for hair, makeup, fashion & total grooming. For those like me seeking professional advice on hair and fashion the app provides personalized, un-biased opinions and suggestions at an extremely affordable price. The app is based on an effective video calling service where I could connect with the best experts in hair, makeup and fashion.
  • Appointments with grooming Consultants can be booked through the app from the comfort of home at any time during the day or night subject to availability of the Consultants. I needed a hair expert to untangle the various issues that I had with my hair. So, I booked an appointment at 10.00 PM – yes you read that right. On the dot, the app connected me through a video call to the hair Consultant that I had selected.
  • Through the entire twenty minute session I was given minute details on the kind of products I should use, the hair care regime that I must maintain and the right hair cut that would enhance my look. It was a wonderful session where the pleasing Consultant listened patiently to my concerns, evaluated my hair and the products I had been using and gave me style tips that seemed tailor made for me.
  • Since the app delivers its services through video, it works best on a Wi-Fi or a 4G mobile connection. However, it was fairly stable on a 3G connection too. The video calling feature makes it easier for the Consultants to evaluate your hair, look and skin type. The services of AlterMirror are not restricted to any geographic location. Being an online service you can avail of a complete makeover consultation through video calling sitting anywhere in India.
  • Sessions are on a one to one basis and you get to choose from the four broad services offered – Makeup, Hair, Fashion & Accessories and Total Grooming. The Total Grooming is a combination of the three other services – Makeup, Hair and Fashion & Accessories. Consultation sessions can be either on demand – where the consultations are delivered almost instantly or they could be delivered through prior appointments.
  • Payments are accepted in three modes- debit or credit cards, net banking or through Wallets. All major credit cards, net banking services and wallet services are supported by AlterMirror. If necessary, AlterMirror allows you to cancel appointments as well and refunds are made through a Coupon Code which allows you to book another service at a date and time of your choosing.

I surely got my hair concerns addressed. My perception that image consultants were only for the rich and famous have been laid to rest by the arrival of AlterMirror. Now anyone can access a grooming Consultant and look fab with what they have. All that is required is a willingness to get a makeover along with an Android smart phone with a good Wi-Fi or data connection.

*The app is available in Play Store : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.db.altermirror&hl=en


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