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Driving in Delhi- My Tryst #AtoZChallenge

Driving on the roads in India surely requires some sort of a supreme skill. And I simply just don’t seem to get this. My sense of the road and geography is generally pretty poor. So recently dear Hubby (whom I shall refer to as “A”) was most kind to give me the much needed driving lessons in the morning on the streets of Delhi. The regime was to drive my elder kiddo to school, with “A” guiding me through the roads. The route isn’t very complicated or difficult. A straight road with minimal turnings, all across Shanti path, till we hit school on Malcha Maarg near the Chinese Embassy. So off we all get ready, including my little one, in A’s prized car on a warm summer morning in Delhi.

Everything through the way seems ok to me except when I encounter these big circles with 3-4 exit points. And then all hell breaks loose. How the hell am I supposed to navigate and give indicators here? Panic stricken I randomly switch the left and then the right, much to A’s frustration and irritation. He is generally a pretty cool person, except when it comes to teaching me driving. I get paranoid when I encounter another vehicle cutting lanes. I profusely sweat, not knowing how to handle the situation.

I wonder what it is with driving for me. Why do I fear it so much? Maybe it is something to do with the fact that, I have never driven any vehicle (yes… not even a cycle) for the first 25 year of my life. And here I am now stuck on Delhi roads, trying to still get confident behind the wheel.


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  • Nibha

    Oh Driving in India is totally insane. I tried my hands on two-wheeler last year, and still haven’t mastered the art of it. Something scares me, God knows what!

  • Shalzzz

    Oh, traffic is horrible everywhere. And I can very well imagine how it would be in Delhi! I learnt to drive, never touched a vehicle for close to five years and now brushing up at least my two-wheeler driving skills 🙂

  • fabulus1710

    I’ve heard that Delhi roads are far worser than Mumbai roads.. In that case I may or may not give driving a shot. I might change my mind though, I have still got one more year to get my driver’s license :p

  • Shilpa Garg

    You are much better than me. I learnt driving thrice… twice from local driving schools and once from Maruti Driving School which has theory, simulator and practical classes. While I was the star student in theory and simulator classes, I just barely managed to pass the practical classes. With classes over, the school suggested that I practice my driving skills with our driver and not with husband.
    So, I would drive coolly on empty straight roads and whenever I reached a roundabout or a crossing, my brain would just go in a freeze mode and would just not remember the basics and always created traffic jams. This embarrassed our driver so much for we had to switch seats and then he had to safely take us away from glaring eyes and honking horns… this continued for a few days till one day he said, “Madam ji, can you please drop the idea of driving?” And I did it promptly. Not a proud moment but I realized that driving is not my cup of tea and everybody cant be good at all things. I know that’s lame.
    But you are doing good, with some practice and a bit of patience (from you know who 😀 ), you will be able to ace this skill. Keep driving and conquer the roads of Delhi! Cheers 🙂

    Gosh! This comment is a post in itself! 😀

  • inquisitivegeet

    And Delhi traffic is no easy. I’ve driven in Delhi and I find it fun because of the broad roads and proper traffic lights and stuff. Otherwise if you drive in any part of the country, it literally is a war on the road.

    All the best to your driving 🙂 May you soon be swooshing all the Delhi streets 🙂


  • Sulekha

    I am in the same boat 🙂 Though I learnt driving in Mumbai and moved to Kochi shortly after that, but I used to drive in Kochi quite comfortably. It is only after coming to Delhi that I have given up, have hired a driver to ferry me around. Hats off to you for trying, you will get the hang of it, I am too old to learn now 🙂

  • Sunila Vig

    I can imagine, driving in Indian cities is quite something. I have been on wheels right from childhood and drive in Australia and Bangalore and both car and bikes but I must say it takes all ones focus and courage 🙂

  • kalaravi16

    Hahaha…I’ve heard Delhi traffic and rules are absolutely horrible! Cheer up and keep at it! I am so used to my car that I virtually thinkof it as an extension of my limbs! Its all about practice dear…keep at it!
    @KalaRavi16 from

  • BellyBytes

    I used to be intimidated by driving till I saw all the uneducated taxi drivers behind the wheel. Picture one of the dumbest, grimiest driver behind a wheel and keep that in mind every time you panic or wonder what to do. If those dumb guys can do it SO CAN YOU>
    Every woman should drive and more power to you…
    BellyBytes from
    Mumbai On A High

  • Parul Thakur

    Gosh! You don’t want to listen to my story for sure. Never touched a vehicle in my life till date other than a cycle I took up driving lessons last year cos that’s independence. I learnt how to drive, got a learner’s license and now even the DL.I cleared the test in November 2015. Since then, I haven’t pulled the car cos of fear. VT encourages but I am still fighting fear of the road, people honking and overtaking – all in my mind. I know I need to to but dunno how 🙁

  • Sue Ranscht

    Maybe your best approach is to take driving lessons from a professional driving instructor. Maybe in a simulator at first. If they don’t have those in India, maybe you can find a vacant parking lot to practice in. That’s how I taught my son to drive. No one here would consider putting someone who had never driven on a public road their first time behind a steering wheel. That’s just asking for a disaster to happen!

    Good luck! And pay attention to your gut reaction. If you feel you shouldn’t be on the road yet, DON’T BE ON THE ROAD!

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