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Crash the Crash diet- Get Healthy with a Honey Diet

As the mother of two young girls, I am constantly fretting about their nutrition. It sure indeed is a tough task, getting them to eat right, and ensuring they get a well balanced diet. However in today’s age, with school, play time and other activities keeping our kids busy, I often feel I am failing in my endeavor. And to top it all, my kids are fussy eaters. To save my day I came across the “Honey Diet”. Honey as a food item is seldom disliked by children. My girls love it and could lap up a complete spoon full. I have used this to my advantage.

Pure honey such as Dabur Honey is a natural form of sucrose and has the presence of a large amount of anti-oxidants. I have replaced the jam bottle on my table with a bottle of Dabur Honey. Try out some honey spread on your morning toast. My kids finish their breakfast in a jiffy. Instead of a spoon of refined processed sugar in a glass of milk. I serve their milk with a bit of honey as sweetener. It’s healthy and tasty too for the kids.

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Now coming to myself. In today’s busy and fast life, I seldom find time to get in to a strict exercise regime. I manage to do a bit of brisk walking probably once or twice in a week. In such a scenario, how do I maintain my health? How do I actually reduce those layers of fat enveloping my belly? I have never really advocated crash diets to reduce belly fat. The negative impact of a crash diet could be more devastating than having the fat around my stomach. A crash diet just exhausts your body and mind, making it weak. I hence strongly recommend a balanced diet that would incorporate the main food groups, of carbohydrates, whole grains and cutting down on processed food. This also includes reduction of refined sugar.

The honey diet comes into play here. I start my day with a glass of warm water and a spoon of honey. This helps me manage my weight. Along with my morning breakfast, instead of a cup of coffee with white sugar, I instead have a cup of green tea with a spoon of honey. This keeps my body and mind alert. Honey is a natural form of sugar and retains a whole lot of nutrients. It keeps me active through the day. Honey as a source of energy is easily digested by the body. In fact the regular use of honey in your diet aids digestion.

Apart from the nutrition element in a regular meal, honey comes with medicinal properties. When my girls are down with a throat infection, a spoonful of honey with warm water and ginger helps to soothe the throat.

The goodness of honey is unmistakable. That is why I say honey is a sweeter alternative to a healthy diet.

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