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‘Cause Prevention is Better Than Cure

“It wouldn’t have reached this stage had a preventive health check been done, detecting it early”. The oncologist said, gazing at my father’s reports. Five years back my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer. Eventually he succumbed to the disease despite the multiple surgeries, chemo sessions and hospital rounds, which did nothing but burn a hole in his pocket. But this episode did do one thing positive! It highlighted the importance of preventive health checkups.

There are two sets of people- those who run to the doctor for every sniffle, and those who simply never do. I am talking about the latter- people who find it easier to just pop a pill rather than visit a clinic. Paradoxically, we live in a time where we are constantly bombarded with health information. Yet, these are the commonly heard excuses, which I find tad weird.

  • We are from a khaatha peetha parivaar (a healthy family that eats well). What could probably be wrong with us?
  • Getting a check-up is a sign of weakness. And I am not!
  • No one in my family has ever had any major problem previously. So why would I ever have one?

We live in a time where our body and mind are governed by factors, beyond our control.  Apart from the food we eat- the air around us, the ever changing climate and the increasing use of gadgets and appliances, could impact our health and living negatively. Hence, regular health exams can help find problems before they start. An early detection means your chances of treatment and cure is better. Choose the right health service for screening and you surely are taking that step for living a longer, healthier life.

Now what about these excuses?

  • Doctors and diagnostic centers are out there to fleece you. They prescribe unnecessary tests.
  • Too busy juggling work and children and do not have the time to visit a health centre.

I recently did a preventive health checkup from Thyrocare, a trusted name in diagnostics and preventive health care. With the kind of seamless and efficient service provided, I am sure such excuses would be a thing of the past for many. Here is my experience- my Thyrocare service review.

Thyrocare offers preventive healthcare packages at affordable costs which is far lower than other packages in the market. The Thyrocare Aarogyam Package is tailor made and grouped as per the age & gender requirement and pre-existing health condition.  I chose the Arogyam C profile that assessed 86 parameters. The tests helped my doctor evaluate comprehensively- from multiple organ functioning to bone health. No unnecessary tests or exorbitant costs. Booking of tests were done from home through the responsive customer care number. Want it bit more easily?? You could book through Whats app too. The turnaround time to respond is quick, in less than an hour, where you receive an SMS confirming your appointment. Alternatively you could make a booking online through the website, which details the various packages available.

A lab technician arrives at your home at the designated time for sample collection, which are then forwarded to the central processing laboratory of Thyrocare for assessment. Reports are generated in 48 hours and are sent to you through an auto – generated mail. If you require a hardcopy, the same is sent in coordination with Thyrocare Service Provider for Rs. 35 additionally.

I liked the ease with which my tests were done. Friendly customer care executives, affordable packages and quick receiving of reports.  With health centres such as Thyrocare, preventive health care has just got easier.

So get thinking, and do the checkup that’s been pending, before it is too late.

*Featured Image Source: http://www.healthcarereformmagazine.com/
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  • yurhealth


    I agree with you absolutely !

    Until last week my brother was diagnosed with low Vitamin Levels . He was having lot of health issues recently.
    He works in night shift in a call center and have irregular timing of eating food and most of times eats lot of junk food.
    One of our family doctor suggested complete check up and he suspected VItamin D Deficiency .
    I research lot on the internet and came across your blog . I decided to go ahead with Thyrocare.

    I was surprised to know that Thyrocare has the most affordable in Vitamin D test and the quality of serviceswas also very good .

    I instantly downloaded the app and done all test that were recommended by the doctor.

    I assure you that Thyrocare was the best option and like their good customer care service.

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