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    Book Review: Amma-Jayalalithaa’s Journey by Vaasanthi

    Ever wondered why some people’s life fascinate us? Why are they so enigmatic? Dr. J Jayalalithaa was an enigma! She made her rule, in two professions that had always been dominated by men. The reigning movie star way back in the 60s and 70s, and then the queen of Tamil politics in the decades that followed. Her life had seen it all- fame, adulations, humiliation, defeat and victory. She was always under public scrutiny. Yet, she was a mystery in many a ways, and probably would remain so. Vaasanthi’s book on Amma and her journey from a movie star to a political queen was the trending book on Juggernaut, around…

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    The Princess Trilogy #1- A True Story of Life behind the Veil in Saudi Arabia by Jean Sasson

    Last weekend I decided to read the first book in the Princess Trilogy- for the second time. I had come across this book during my high school years, and it had had a great impact on me. I decided to re-read it, to see if there would be a similar effect!! Must say it did! The Princess is the story of a Saudi princess- Sultana. Claimed to be a true story, it recounts Sultana’s life, whom the author had met when she was living in Saudi Arabia. Sultana is the name adapted in the book to ensure her identity remains hidden. She is a part of the Al-Saud family, which…

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    Three Thousand Stitches By Sudha Murty

    The weekend that passed by was quite a boring one, as I spent my time alone at home. The kids had a weekend getaway at a friend’s place, and the spouse was out at work. Having nothing much to do, and not in a frame of mind for a heavy read, I picked up Three Thousand Stitches by Sudha Murty. I had seen the book listed in the non-fiction category in the HT Nelson top 10 list. And, having read Sudha’s earlier books, it seemed to be the perfect read for the lazy weekend. Sudha Murty’s stories have always been inspiring, and most of them have a nice take away, something…

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    City of Djinns By William Dalrymple #writebravely

    “For all its faults we love this city”-  William Dalrymple, City of Djinns: A Year in Delhi I have lived in Delhi for 3 years. Despite, the city being harsh in many a ways, there is something in this city that has won over my heart. The weekend was spent reading William Dalrymple’s “City of Djinns – A year in Delhi”. The book kindled a nostalgic feeling within me, of the days I spent there, my trips to the old city, the cycle rickshaw rides and the people so very unique to this place. Heard of Tughlakabad? Or want to know about the house built by William Fraser which is never on…

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    Remnants of a Separation by Aanchal Malhotra

    Isn’t a book jacket a crucial element, when choosing a book? “Remnants of a Separation” by Aanchal Malhotra boasts of one such book cover- a beautiful integration of title and image. And beyond doubt, it persuaded me to get started on a reading experience. I wasn’t left disappointed. It is a book that speaks volumes on partition, its effects with the passage of time, family ties and loss. Partition as we know it Post- independence from the British Raj, the country was divided into two separate entities- India and Pakistan. A major population exchange happened with over 25 million people relocating to new homes and a new country. The magnitude…

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    Book Review: Digital Marketing Insights 2017 By Social Beat

    “Consumers are spoilt for choices across multi-devices and multi-channels, thus making sales competitive for marketers. As consumers become more and more digitally sound, marketers constantly feel the need to evolve and source new ways to reach their relevant audience…”–Excerpt from Digital Marketing Insights 2017 The world of digital media It hardly needs to be stressed that digital media has permanently changed the way we live, work and play. From the once simple Orkut to the more evolved news feed of Facebook and YouTube, the digital world in its new avatar has taken the world by storm. My interest in social media and digital marketing began in the year 2012, when…