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Books for Five Year Olds- The Beebop Series

It was birthday time for my five year old and it called for a party- inclusive of games, food and gifts galore. As a customary practice, a little return gift is given to every child, thanking him/her for being part of the celebrations. This time around, I decided the return gift had to be something fun, as well as there had to be some sort of learning element in it. And here is what I picked.

Books from the Beebop series

BeeBop series is a set of books brought out by Dream Theatre (an entertainment company) in collaboration with Harper Kids (part of Harper Collins). Graded in three levels, these books are perfect for children between 4 to 6 years of age. The grading is done as per the complexity of words, formation of sentences, subject matter and comprehension.

Meet Zoya and her friends

Beebop books bring out the story of four friends – Zoya, Zubin, Sarah, and Jay, along with their friendly bee. Together they travel the world, to magical places, seeking to learn on the way. Their adventures are fun-filled with fantasy and marvel. Together with them, there is learning and there is thrill- a world where there is no limit to your imagination!

Story time for kids

Simple as they can be, these books are capable of getting a child interested in reading. With characters one would fall in love with, the stories are perfectly written with young readers in mind, with neatly done illustrations to aptly go with it. The playful stories with their repetitive words instill learning. The rhyming words strewn across create the much needed magic in the prose.

Written by Annie Besant and illustrated by Shakti Kale

Each of these books is priced at Rs. 75. They are compact in size, easy to carry during travel. The books also come along with an activity book (needs to be purchased separately) that includes little puzzles, drawing and coloring pages, word games and brain teasers.

The BeeBop series is a perfect pick for curious minds and early readers. It is fun filled with an ability to hold the child’s attention for long.

*The books could be purchased from Amazon

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