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Book Review: The Extraordinary Consciousness of an Ordinary Man

Genre- Spiritual Fiction

Gopal Banerjee is just like you and me. A simple man, he loves his profession, the money he makes and generally content dealing with the rigmaroles of daily living. Until… he encounters… the great “Maya Devi”…..

If you are keen on a soul-stirring book on spirituality and the thoughts that come with it, here is a new read – “The Extraordinary Consciousness of an Ordinary Man” by a relatively new author, Roy. I didn’t know much about the author until I picked up the book. On initial thought the name of the author by itself, seemed to carry a certain element of mysticism. Nevertheless, thanks to Google searches, I could get a decent dose of information about him.

Roy- The author, an advertising creative writer, has spent four long years penning this book.  From a quaint village in Goa, his quest to complete the book, made him revisit his past, dig into a couple of not so pleasant experiences and open up his Pandora’s Box of memories.  The Extraordinary Consciousness of an Ordinary Man is his first book, and answers some of the biggest questions which we have all asked at some point in our lives. Questions that are often mystical, which we seldom understand, yet they remain deep within our consciousness.


The story begins from a simple question that is asked by a stranger to Gopal Banerjee on a flight from New York to Mumbai. And thus begins a fantastical journey for him.  An unknown Himalayan yogi mysteriously appears and teaches him an intense and forgotten yoga which he practices sincerely in the loud and bustling Mumbai city. But the yoga unleashes a power so profound that he plunges into a bizarre madness and falls into the clutches of the fabled Hindu goddess of illusion Maya Devi. His only way out of this mythical insanity is to dive deep into the knowledge and mystical lives of his Hindu ancestors who walked the earth in a very distant past. He is plagued by doubt, rattled by chaos and teased by hope. Will the young yogi be subdued by Maya Devi’s countless confusions or will she lift her veil and grant him a consciousness that is extraordinary?

Gopal is one of those individuals who is influenced by modern education and all that comes with it. He seeks a scientific explanation and proof for almost everything in life. Having grown up watching his mom perform staunch Hindu rituals, he detests them all, as most of it seldom made much sense to him. As the narrative unravels, Gopal’s identity as an atheist merges with the illusion of the fabled Goddess. He confronts his delusions, weaknesses and unaccountable desires. And thereby begins his journey of discovering himself.  

Roy has a convincing style in his narration. Most of us understand logic pretty well in life. But what about  beliefs? Roy considers this a subtle force and explains the extraordinary co-relation between logic and belief. If logic is right, you will believe it and if the belief is right you will find the logic for it. The book flows with this thought. The writing is simple, with light humor strewn between the lines.

However, despite this, I wished he could have kept the storyline crisper. The book could seem a bit lengthy with its 380 odd pages.

The Extraordinary Consciousness of an Ordinary Man is a book with a one of a kind perspective on ancient people and ideas. Soul- stirring that would help you connect with your inner self. Pick it up if you wish to have those mystical questions in your consciousness answered.

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