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Book Review: In the Name of God By Ravi Subramanian

There are lies… and there are secrets….

In an ancient temple that boasts of a strong religious faith, with a king who upholds this faith and the legend, a lot can happen in the name of God. What do you believe? Whom do you trust? What does it mean to have blind faith? In the Name of God by Ravi Subramanian, is a thriller, based on the Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram, the assets it holds within its vaults and, the infamous controversies that arose after the Supreme Court directed a committee to open up these vaults. Packed with that adrenaline rush, it compels you to read right till that last page.

There are a series of murders, as the vault of the Padmanabhaswamy temple is opened. The locals believe it to be the wrath of God, as the assets inside are meant to belong to the Lord himself. On the other side of the country is a massive smuggling racket of antiques, from temples across south India, along with a heist in a mall in Dubai. For Kabir Khan from the Central Bureau of Investigation, it all seems murky. Along with the state police team headed by Krishnan and a few others, he tries to uncover the pieces of an intriguing murder mystery. How are the incidents related and who is behind it all? Or is it really the wrath of God?

The book surely boasts of an interesting plot, with seamless blending of actual facts with fiction. Real instances that have occurred, post the opening of the vault in 2011, have been strung together, merging them with the storyline. Powerful characterization- whether it is the snooty King or the curt Kabir Khan. Crisp narration, sans the use of superfluous adjectives, unnecessary monologues or random use of metaphors (surely thrillers don’t need them, right?)

Expect loads of twists and turns. I found a couple of loose ends here and there though, but probably it has been left intentionally for readers to make their own guesses. The end to the book was fairly decent. The unraveling of the suspense didn’t throw me overboard, nor did it disappoint me. I could guess the outcome somewhere just before the end. 

In the Name of God is slick and riveting- with a well-conceived plot and perfect use of facts. It has the right elements to be made into a Bollywood flick!

Go ahead and pick this up!

A note: The Anantha Padmanabhaswami temple is known across the globe for its immense fortune. Do read up a bit more about it and the controversies shrouding it, to help soak in the book better.


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