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Book Review: Job Be Damned by Rishi Piparaiya

If only all management books read like this, surely this genre would have more readers as takers. I must make a confession here that I generally avoid self-help books of sorts, and prefer to lay my hands on fiction. Yet, this book came as an exception. Rishi Piparaiya’s Job be Damned is funny, intuitive and way too intelligent to be ignored. What may prima’ facie seem to be just another management book, prescribing the tricks of the trade to sustain in the corporate world, is in reality a witty read. With 250 odd pages it is filled with Rishi’s voice- part satirical, part sarcasm, to get ahead in the corporate rat race.

Rishi Piparaiya is a man who has spent over fifteen years in various levels in multinational corporations. His first book Aisle Be Damned is a national bestseller.

“Wave your hands passionately with fingers wide as you make an important point. Add on some head clucking movements, back and forth like a chicken, and you’ll surely receive the passionate Employee of the Month award. Hit the table hard a few times as you speak and it just got upgraded to Employee of the Year”- Rishi Piparaiya Job Be Damned

Sneak peek into the book

Almost all of us consider ourselves to be the most hardworking of professionals. And surely it is this quality that would get us straight to the top of the corporate ladder, right? But then there are situations that aren’t in our control forcing us to trail behind. What do you do when despite the hard work; the credit is stolen by another? Or a promotion is whisked by a pesky colleague from right under the nose? How can one overcome these usual hurdles and rise above the clutter in the corporate world?

Job Be Damned is your funny guide to traverse through these workplace issues, with a fresh perspective to handle it all. The book has twenty chapters that take you through the various facets of corporate world. Beginning from resume writing,  moving over to a job interview, up to the point where one is struggling to sustain his job, the book teaches you the game of survival- all explained in a satire of sorts.

Thoughts after reading the book

I loved the brutal honesty with which it speaks of complex issues- from crunching politics, ego clashes amongst people and the temperament of a boss.  With apt choice of expressions, it manages to bring out the message loud and clear- Don’t be average; it pays to fight out your way to the top rung of the corporate ladder. The tone of the book could seem to be casual. But considering this book is more of a parody, it does seem fine too. I wouldn’t say it was a total laugh riot, though it did have a few “Roll On The Floor” moments, strewn across the pages.

So should you pick it up

As funny as the book actually is, it would appeal well to a limited set of readers. In fact, it would work best for working professionals and those caught between the wheels of corporate pressure. It is capable of lightening up their moods for sure. For the others, you surely could read it, though cant promise that you’d relate completely to it.

Job Be Damned: Work Less. Career Success.

The book is available on Amazon in paperback and e-book format.


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