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Book Review: Digital Marketing Insights 2017 By Social Beat

“Consumers are spoilt for choices across multi-devices and multi-channels, thus making sales competitive for marketers. As consumers become more and more digitally sound, marketers constantly feel the need to evolve and source new ways to reach their relevant audience…”–Excerpt from Digital Marketing Insights 2017

The world of digital media

It hardly needs to be stressed that digital media has permanently changed the way we live, work and play. From the once simple Orkut to the more evolved news feed of Facebook and YouTube, the digital world in its new avatar has taken the world by storm. My interest in social media and digital marketing began in the year 2012, when I started a humble blog. The content I wrote was shared on Social Media (in nascent form then) for friends and family to read.  

I did not have a background in media or digital marketing, yet through the course of the last few years I have managed to navigate my way ahead. But, in the last few months, I have felt the need to get a bit more of expertise in digital marketing, content marketing, social media and Search Engine Optimization. Here is a book titled “Digital Marketing Insights 2017” by Social Beat, which comes at this time, proving to be a useful resource. It has been compiled and written by the leading digital agency Social Beat, which boasts of an experienced team of digital marketing experts.

Brief on the authors

Social Beat is located in Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai. The agency offers an ROI driven approach to marketing. Their team of sixty five experienced digital specialists offers a three hundred and sixty degree solution to digital marketing. This book is a first from the team, giving insights into this world of digital marketing.

From the pages of the book

Beginning from a well-drawn out introduction, the book takes us forward with the latest digital marketing trends. It touches upon Mobile UX, and gives us a peak into how “everyone can run digital marketing at scale with automation and machine learning”. Divided into easy to navigate chapters, on a range of topics, the book provides an overview on almost all aspects of content and digital marketing, and how it can be used to leverage brand, and increase revenue.

Topics covering the usage of social media channels-from the ever popular Facebook to the not so popular Pinterest and LinkedIn have been covered exhaustively. It not only gives insights for influencers to use content as a tool, but also to marketers to understand the exposure these channels can give their brand. An entire chapter dedicated to creating low cost videos to help brands tell their story, speaks volumes about the role of videos in digital marketing, and how powerful and worthwhile this option is for both brands and consumers. Another relatively new area is App marketing. There is a complete beginner’s guide to App marketing in a later chapter of the book.

What stands out in the book?

The strength of the book lies in its simple narration. Very descriptive, yet it is easy to understand. The chapters elaborate finer nuances of social and digital media impressively. Packed with valuable insights- from regional content and influencer marketing, the book is a complete resource for all those who wish to understand current marketing trends. Digital marketing has surely taken over our lives, whether we like it or not. And marketers have understood this too.

The book works perfectly well as it is

Overall this book is an engaging contribution to the growing business of digital and influencer marketing. In an ever-changing digital landscape, one needs to be well informed to be able to benefit from it. I found the book well written, easy to follow and rich with interesting content. It is suitable for those who seek to understand Digital marketing at an introductory level as well as for those who wish to sharpen their existing knowledge. With information on key areas of digital marketing, social media, content, video, SEO, mobile app marketing, and user experience design, this book is a must if you seek answers tips and tricks to understand them all.

* This is a sponsored post, however the opinions expressed are my own.
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