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The Very Best of R.K. Narayan (Timeless Malgudi)

Two decades ago, as a little girl, I was mesmerized by Malgudi days. The program was telecast on Doordarshan with a new RK Narayan story every episode. I loved RK Narayan then, and I still love his stories. There can be no better author who can describe the magic of everyday life, the common man, his pains, joys, and his zest in life.  

RK Narayan may not be amidst us today, but his writing career that spanned over seven decades still speaks volumes. His fictitious town Malgudi, and its host of unforgettable characters sure do win over hearts even now. For me, RK Narayan lives on, fresh, and his stories never fail to give me joy.

“How can two living entities possessing intelligence and judgement ever be tied together for a lifetime?”
― R.K. Narayan, Malgudi Days

The book “The Very Best of RK Narayan, Timeless Malgudi”, is a selection of his best- both fiction as well as Nonfiction. It has the timeless short stories such as A Horse and two goats and Astrologers day. The popular fiction The Guide charms you with its wit and humor. The compilation offers a good variety of tales. Each of the stories present everyday life with elegance, and with a humorous twist at times. And probably that’s the reason why I love RK Narayan so much.

Read one story a day at bed time and see the magic these tales weave on you.

If you love RK Narayan short stories, this book would surely not disappoint you. The book is available as a free read under Kindle Unlimited for e book readers!!


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