Best Gynecologists and Practices for Pregnancy and Childbirth

“The baby’s warmth was the antiseptic for the pain she had during childbirth.”- Areej A Karim

From the very moment, you realize you are pregnant, your body, mind, and life as a whole change. After nine months of carefully tending to a tiny life in that growing belly, the last few hours may seem the longest, as you wait to take home the prize- a baby to cuddle, nurture and love.

The process of childbirth

Pregnancy may be considered to be tough for most women, with the extra weight she has to carry, the unease and hormonal fluctuations she has to tackle all along. The hardest part in the entire process is the process of childbirth, when it finally makes a mother out of a woman. Whether it is a natural (vaginal) delivery, which is not known to be gentle, with the excruciating pain during labor or, caesarean delivery that comes with the risk of infections and blood clots, both could be life-altering for a woman.

The clash of the two options

According to most gynecologists, natural (vaginal) birth is the best option for a mother. A woman’s body is designed for childbirth. However, a lot of factors could threaten this natural order. For example, the pelvis size, ability to physically withstand pain, the length of the labor, and complications around the fetal position, placenta, can hamper the natural birthing process. A caesarean delivery comes in play to save the baby and the mother from any complications that may be life-threatening.

But, in recent times, a caesarean delivery seems to have become an elective option; owing to the convenience and sense of control it gives women and their families. It isn’t uncommon for families to opt for this, as they consider it to be less painful, thus making C-sections commonplace surgeries in India. However, C-sections aren’t free of risks. There are serious operation risks and the recovery time may be longer than a normal delivery and may also result in the weakening of the uterus for future births.  Also, the cost of cesarean delivery in Delhi may well run into many thousands.

It is best to avoid electing for a C-section for frivolous reasons 

According to World Health Organization, C-sections should be well under 10-15% of deliveries. However, in recent times, this percentage has been alarmingly high. Remember, not all C-sections should be avoided. In some cases, it is essential to the mother as well as to the life of the infant.

Thus, a good gynecologist is required to help judge the situation. You would ideally need someone who understands your body and its requirements. Hold those preliminary discussions, at the beginning of your pregnancy itself, on the benefits of both the options and which one is the best for you and your baby.


  • Ask around. There is nothing wrong in that. Instead of a blanket reputation of “He/ she are a good doctor”, check on the doctor’s credentials, years of practice and hospital support.
  • Check the time you would get with the gynecologist. How easy is it going to be to meet your doctor? Today most doctors don’t have the time, and often patients wait for hours, for those few precious minutes of consultation.
  • Is your doctor accessible on the phone during emergencies?
  • Cost of doctor and hospital facility, needless to say, should be as per one’s affordability. Do check if your insurance policy covers the hospital in which the gynecologist you have identified is working.
  • Trust and comfort level with the doctor is a must. You should be able to discuss vital aspects of birthing with your doctor. He/she should be able to answer all questions willingly with a friendly and responsive attitude.
  • It pays to make your decision after you’ve had a chance to speak with several doctors. Do your research before you take the plunge.

Choosing Sitaram Bhartia

If you are searching for the best gynecologist in Delhi, Sitaram Bhartia Institute of Science and Research may well be a good choice. The hospital aims at providing every woman with a positive birth experience and avoids unnecessary C-section. Its dedicated team, works towards overcoming all challenges in giving woman the right support and care.

Even the best gynecologist is literally of not much use, without the support of a strong team. Sitaram Bhartia provides group practice. So, if a gynecologist isn’t available when her patient walks in, then another gynecologist can attend to the patient. Thus, no patient misses out on their check-up, and gets the care they deserve. The hospital works towards providing antenatal education, answering all queries, with a friendly and responsive attitude. With round the clock facilities and support, it ensures the birthing process goes through smoothly.

The Low C-Section Rate

In the year 2016, Sitaram Bhartia’s staff gynecologists achieved an 88% normal delivery rate for first-birth low-risk women. This is a far lower number in comparison to other private hospitals in Delhi. This low C-section rate is a good starting point to evaluate gynecologist, and making the right choice.

Working towards a healthy pregnancy and childbirth

  • Be well informed. Read up on your pregnancy and childbirth to understand what is happening to your body.
  • Exercise moderately (after consulting your health care practioner). Attend classes conducted by hospitals. From simple breathing exercises to stretching ones, they could prepare you well for child birth.
  • Watch your diet. Eat healthy to stay fit through your pregnancy and are ready for labor.

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