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All in Good Faith

“In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “In Good Faith.”

“Religion, spirituality, faith … do they all lead you to the supreme being?”.. I was watching a very interesting chat show on television recently where this question was raised by a gentleman in the audience. The show was being addressed by a very renowned religious teacher. Of course, he did provide an answer, a solution to being with the supreme being, But it got me thinking otherwise. Before I go ahead, I just want to clarify that I am not an atheist. I just don’t agree sometimes with a few practices we do in the name of GOD.

 Hubby “A” and me often discuss what religion, faith and spirituality actually is. Of course we never really narrow down on a conclusion. However we have arrived at certain consensus that would help us live a good life ahead. We both believe in an unknown power which we call the supreme being or GOD. This unknown power is a form of positive energy which gets us going in life. We can sense this strong positive force if we have a clean and good heart.

For us, our religion is a way of life, with a set of rules that help us bring about a certain level of discipline and order in our lives. We have faith that positive energy delves within us and focussing inwards will guide us through every move in life.

So religion, spirituality and faith are all three sides of the same triangle-called life. All in good faith!!!

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  • Ranju

    I am against certain practices in the name of God. But I believe that there is indeed a power and I call him God.
    But there is something else I believe. In others’ faith. If they believe that a certain idol has power and something proves it doesn’t, the questioners of this faith cannot fathom what would happen to those believers. Many people hold on so tightly to these belief that if not for this faith, they would cease to exist.

    Lovely post. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by 😀

  • Vinitha

    “All in good faith” – indeed. I am not an atheist either but I have been questioning a lot God related activities and blind following of God, the superstitious ones. As you said I do believe in a positive power which can be felt with a good heart. Maybe the power is the good heart! 🙂 Nice read, Ramya.

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