After all they are a child only once!!!!

stared, stared hard at the dishes that lay in the sink. I turned, to stare at the pile of clothes on the couch. There were bills that had to be taken care of too. Not to forget the bed that had to be made. Argh! Why did my maid have to take a day off? The chores just seem to be piling on!!!

I got down to getting things in order at home, as my two little girls sat engrossed watching television. My days are packed- with long working hours and a busy social calendar. The evenings are almost always spent taking care of the housework than playing with the children. It seems a struggle almost every other day to squeeze in time for the children, as I seldom ignore the chores. On top of all this are school time tables, homework, extra-curricular activities … phew!!!! Daily tasks sure get in the way of spending that quality time with kids. End result??? I am left feeling too stressed.

I wish I had more time in a day to be with my children. I spend more time cleaning up the house rather than playing with them.

This is probably the most common grumble most households have these days. Our lives are becoming busier, and unfortunately the quality time we spend with our children is decreasing. There’s this constant juggling of chores, work, social life etc…  But, in this quest to have everything perfect around us, that perfect life, aren’t we missing out on the most important thing- their childhood?

Household chores are never-ending. Thus, it does make sense to stop stressing over it. The fault lies in our stares. Sometimes, it’s okay to just look away from that pile of clothes. It’s okay if the bed isn’t done for a day. It is okay to ignore the chores if it means spending some quality time with the children. It’s okay to look away…

After all they are a child only once!!!!

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  • Rajlakshmi

    Housework can be so stressful specially when there’s no help. I agree, spend that time with your kids and have fun. Why stress out for a dirty pile of laundry.

  • Shilpa Gupte

    It’s the best thing to do, Ramya..turn a blind eye to all the chores once in a while and enjoy with the kids. These moments will never return and before you know it, they will be all grown up and flown the nest!

  • Geetika Gupta

    That was quite a meaningful post and makes lot of sense. I get this feeling for my dog.. for not playing enough with him, for not giving him enough time..!

    i liked your take 🙂


  • Esha Mookerjee-Dutta

    Loved your take on the prompt! You’re absolutely right, Ramya. Its okay to turn a blind eye to that never ending list of things to do. I do too…today, I have a pile of things to look into but look at me, blogging away first thing in the day. Well, the boys are out so it helps that I can do with little work for myself.

  • kalaravi16

    I hear you lady, loud and clear! Yep, sometimes it’s better to turn a blind eye to those never ending chores for the sake of your own sanity and that of your loved ones!

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