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5 Must Have Indian Accessories in Your Wardrobe

For that perfect look, fashion accessories are a must. Be it a tiny bindi on the forehead or metal bangles worn on the hand, we Indian women can accentuate our beauty by incorporating them into our day to day dressing. And not restricting them to women, today fashion accessories are part of a man’s wardrobe too. Accessories are more of a personal style statement. In a country as diverse as ours, you could find a plethora of ethnic accessories, that in recent times, have not only become chic and trendy but they could be adorned with practically any attire.

Craftsvilla.com is a unique portal that brings together ethnic Indian accessories, with 1000+ designs to choose from. With an endless list of accessories, one could choose from the available purses, clutches, handbags, wallets, scarves, stoles, jewelry and watches. Craftsvilla.com’s accessories include handmade, Vintage, Organic and ethnic products from around India. These tiny little extras could be adorned as part of our look giving that dash of class to our overall persona. They complete the looks irrespective of the attire you wear. Craftsvilla’s attempt to bring out the ethnic vibrancy of different regions of India reflects in the wide range of accessories available on the portal. It connects the local artisans with the consumers, guaranteeing you a quality accessory at a reasonable cost.

Here are 5 great accessories from Craftsvilla.com that are an absolute must to complete your wardrobe.

Bangles are so much a part of India. From a new born to the elderly folk, they are a mainstay in a woman’s life. Over centuries bangles have evolved into more trendy forms.

bangles.jpg Available in different metals and diverse patterns they give a complete look to any attire. Traditional dresses or a smart office formal wear, you could adorn your hands with a bracelet, or a single bangle, or a dozen odd ones. Craftsvilla.com offers a variety of bangles in different metals to choose from.

cv-msanp68480850830-sanpromon_impex-craftsvilla_1These are a must for any attire. They have the power to enhance any look, be it a formal or professional look, or an ethnic look during festivities and celebrations. Available in various styles-printed, embellished or in woven fabric, Craftsvilla.com has a whole variety. So, whatever the day may seem like stoles/scarves/dupattas always complete the look. Want to make a drab kurta look chic? Throw that dupatta over your shoulder. Or how about making that cotton shirt look perfect for work, tie a scarf around your neck. A stole is the favourite of most young women these days who bear the heat and the dust of city travelling. They could be worn with jeans and kurtis.

cv-minay81363398660-inaya-craftsvilla_1Indians have worn anklets for centuries now. These are light weight accessories, that either come with tiny bells or ones that are simple and beaded. They adorn the ankle giving it an elegant look. Generally worn on both ankles, in recent times, a single piece worn on either ankle has become a style statement. Anklets make your feet look graceful, so walk around talk with that beautiful look.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATalking about the feet, apart from the ankle, India’s traditional accessory is incomplete without having a jutti in the wardrobe. These are India’s very own ethnic footwear that is typically handmade, with or without embroidery. You could not only wear this with traditional clothes but also with a jeans and simple kurti. They could add a whole lot of vibrancy to any attire.

cv-mnmpl55304773390-bags-nmpl-craftsvilla_1This Indian cloth bag is the easiest way to carry things around. The traditional Rajasthan ones are elegant and colorful. It is important to buy good quality ones so that they are durable enough to carry reasonable weight. Craftsvilla.com jholas are priced reasonably and are durable too. These are for all ages and comes in different colors. Carry them with casual outfits.

Accessories today are a vital part of our look.  Have a look at some of the other accessories at Craftsvilla.com and take your pick. You sure would make heads turn.



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