To Do…To Do… #AtoZChallenge

To Do…To Do… #AtoZChallenge

tTo Do.. To Do.. To Do…

These are two words that often show up in our daily lives. “Visit to the Himalayas” or, “Take my daughter to her favourite holiday destination”. These are just two simple examples of how the two words “TO DO” have easily crept into our lives. Why don’t we just remove them and make them “I will”. I sat unraveling my bucket list today, and realized what a large one I had accumulated. I picked up three “someday desires” that are most dear to my heart.  

Get Backpacking: Kids,work, home and daily chores, often bog me down. By the end of the day when my kids hit the bed, I am sloshed too. Weekends are spent shopping groceries or doing other odd errands. And vacations are for spending time with grandparents. Though I love every bit of my role as a mother, an editor and my role in the family, the desire deep down my heart is to do a one month backpacking trip on my own, exploring India. The freedom of being alone, doing things my way, carrying a single bag sans baby food, clothes, diapers and toys would be a thoroughly enriching experience of life

Get Teaching India: Every year when “Times of India” announces the Teach India program, I express a desire to join the program as an instructor. However with my two small kids, work commitments and other responsibilities, prevent me from allocating time towards it.

Get Musical: Musically inclined from a young age, I have always fancied notes played on a piano. Slender and elegant notes emerging from it have held my interest. I used to listen to almost all famous composers and pianists. As I grew older, I earned and saved up money to purchase a grand keyboard, hoping to learn it. I have still not been able to do so. The someday factor hangs over it. 

George Claude Loremier, a revered pastor of America from the previous century had something very interesting to say.” Putting off an easy thing makes it hard. Putting off a hard thing makes it impossible.”

So, while I try to remove the cloud of someday over my to do list,why don’t you share with me your deepest down “TO DOs”…


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  1. Get backpacking and the Teach India is on my wishlist too. But, commitments keep me away. But, when I retire.. Teach India it is.

  2. Love this 🙂 For me it is all definite and as soon as I can manage 😉 1. Travel alone as much as I can teaching and doing yoga around India, maybe some parts of the world later 2. Lecture in as many college in India as I can on understanding our country and re-building patriotism 3. I love music so have as many music sessions with my group of musical school friends 🙂

  3. I hear you..
    My work is my choice so it makes me happy but there are many other things that make me happy. Writing t o get paid, clicking some awesome pictures, opening a window to see mountains every single day, setting up an orphanage and giving home to children.

  4. Traveling alone n exploring is in my to do too.. But but with kidoo n work n other stuff.. Same with music too. I need to be consistent n practice more. Let’s see

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