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Turn That Rule Book Over Women!

Turn That Rule Book Over Women!

Tbar_ww_badegehe numbers sure are intimidating. The corporate world has continually shown that there is a wide gap with regards to women in leadership. This, despite studies quoting that, breaking down gender barriers and including women in top leadership roles, are not merely altruistic for the company, but are also beneficial to society and the nation.

What the rule book says?

Through my early years, I have been hard-wired into believing that taking care of home is a girl’s first priority. I was never encouraged to have a strong ambition (though I do consider myself lucky that my parents ensured I received quality education). Nor was I pushed into playing rough and tumble sports. Yet at 20, I was better than most boys in my class, topping every subject in my stream. I was financially independent at the age of 25, and was ambitious to make it big in the corporate world.

Are societal conditions favorable?

But marriage and motherhood happened and what I did aspire to be, slowly took a back seat. This is probably the story of most young girls. There is no denying that societal conditions are not always favorable for women. There is an element of pressure to get married and start a family, giving just a small window of opportunity to establish oneself. She is loaded with domestic responsibilities, entrenched in patriarchy thus pushing career advancements to the back seat. Surely, embracing leadership roles becomes far-fetched. The ones, who do continue to dream big, often need to put up a tough fight, against the stereotypes cast upon them by society and, the guilt that results thereon- on neglecting the home front and the kids.

Must a woman aspire just marriage than being overly ambitious?

We seem to have a double sided issue at hand here. Where on one side, society’s rule book pins down the woman to the home front, on the other side, women themselves seem to be letting their aspirations be crushed by the stereotypes. What a women aspires is purely her choice. Thus, it is important for one to speak up and be resilient, moving past fears and embracing confidence. This is the first step to take in embodying the traits of a leader, and also the first step towards breaking down gender barriers.

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Male Contraceptive – Shouldn’t Men Shoulder The Responsibility For Contraception Too?

Male Contraceptive – Shouldn’t Men Shoulder The Responsibility For Contraception Too?

My  post featured on Womens Web.

Trials of a male contraceptive were recently abandoned when a handful of men experienced side effects deemed ‘minor’ in women on contraceptives. Is this fair any more?

“Phir se?” I gasped as my domestic help announced the news of her pregnancy. She did look weak and tired. Three pregnancies and two abortions had practically reduced her to a mere frame. Savitha has been a part of my household for over five years now and over these years, from being the typical memsaab; I had become an elder sister of sorts to her, and she would often seek guidance.

“Savitha, Your body is too weak; you may not be able to sustain the pregnancy or an abortion. It’s a big risk.” She lowered her eyes, as I said this. They spoke volumes…..

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Received a Lewd Message? Speak up & Report the Matter

Received a Lewd Message? Speak up & Report the Matter

The Delhi police arrested a young man, for tormenting around 1500 women with obscene calls and lewd messages. It was a sadistic pleasure that had apparently stemmed out of his frustration of being rejected by women in the past. He would dial random numbers and if the call was answered by a woman, the number would be saved to view their profile pictures on WhatsApp. What would then begin is a barrage of obscene messages and videos to their mobiles.

Some years back, when mobile phones had just become a part and parcel of our lives, I was a similar victim. There would be lewd messages that would pop on my Nokia 3310 mobile at odd hours. Numerous creepy messages in a single day sent from multiple mobile numbers, made it difficult for me to track the person. The harassment lasted for over a month, when I finally decided to not only change my mobile number, but also my handset. I am not sure why I decided to do this. Probably because I feared that he would get at me some way or the other.

Individuals with such sadistic pleasures seldom stop at a single message.



Luckily, the ordeal ended there. But how I wish I had reported the matter at the first instance itself. To this date, I have no clue about who he was. I let him get away, despite the mental agony he had given me. When this happened to me in 2004, cyber laws weren’t in the form they are today. Besides, I not only lacked the awareness on how to report the matter, but was also of the opinion that getting at him legally would come with numerous hassles. How wrong I was!!

If I only I had reported, he would have been punished by a court of law for the mental agony I was subject to.

If only I had reported, he would not have had a chance to torment another person in a similar way.

If only I had reported…

Today there is a far more stringent Information Technology Act, under which it is a punishable offence to publish or transmit obscene material in any form. A person convicted of charges under this Act, could face up to five years in jail and a fine of Rs 1 lakh. If the same person is caught a second time, he faces 10 years’ imprisonment and a fine of Rs 2 lakh. The offences are categorized as cognizable crimes.

It is important for women to speak up whenever an offensive content is received. Lewd messages received through any means should not be ignored and must be brought to notice of the cyber-crime cell at the earliest. Individuals with such sadistic pleasures seldom stop at a single message. They are bound to harass you, until you take matters into your hands. Most women are hesitant to talk about it and prefer to suffer in silence, for fear of any sort of social stigma or the hassles of doing the rounds of the police station. Today, there are dedicated helplines in every city for addressing such issues and the victim’s identity is held intact. The legal procedures are not as complex as one thinks it to be.

Electronic means of communication has definitely been a boon in many a ways. Along with its comfort, also comes a great deal of caution that one must exercise. Remember to:

  • Maintain active privacy settings of your profile in the virtual world.
  • Give limited accesses to your personal data to people you don’t know.
  • Avoid giving your device to others.
  • And keep your devices locked when not in use.


*Featured Image Source: New India Express

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