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Welcome Summer with Bumchums Range of Casual Wear

Welcome Summer with Bumchums Range of Casual Wear

“Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time.” – John Lubbock

Summer season brings with it, vivid memories of my childhood- of carefree and fun days. They were days of zero responsibilities, of running around, irrespective of the blazing sun or the sweltering heat outside. Summer days are a joy, and they still are for me.

The desire to go back

I would want to go back to those childhood summers- even if it is for a second. Days spent playing football using a neighbor’s gate as a goal post or, secretly indulging in books that were forbidden. The excitement would begin from the last day of school itself, as we friends would stand longer by the school gate, making plans. The school free days ahead meant getting up late, staying all day in sleep wear and enjoying life to the hilt. Surely summers are incomplete without the playing in the afternoon sun, those indoor games played with cousins and friends, and of course the yummy food straight out of grandmother’s kitchen.

Summer joys for me again- well in another form though!

As the heat of the March month kicks in, I am yet again confronted with the joys of summer- as my two little ones grow up. I enjoy a sort of second childhood as I jump around and play with my two little kids. Summer it is, as they run, play laugh and explore the world around, sans gadgets and electronics. And I bring out the summer wardrobe for them, those that are comfortable, yet come with that element of being cool and trendy. Summer clothes must breathe and allow our children to be themselves. And getting you this much needed comfort are garments from Bumchums.

Bumchums- For the fun of it

Bumchums – Fun it up, is a leading online service provider, where you could buy cool and smart casual wear for toddlers, kids and adults as well. From comfort wear to sleep wear and sportswear, their range of garments are perfect for the summer seasons. They are not only cool and smart, but the fabrics are soft, they breathe and are absolutely refreshing.

Picnics or beach time- Clothes for summer fun!

Choose from among the variety of t shirts, Bermudas, tracks or muscle tees. So whether it is for picnics with cousins or family members, the ultra-comfortable t-shirts-or vests for kids would suit the fun day. Team them up with the ultra-cool Bum chums Bermudas that are available in assorted colors, for that perfect match. And watch your little ones go wild. Let them be themselves!

Summer Fun is for all, Bumchums for girls

The Bumchums range isn’t just restricted to kids and tiny tots. Bumchums ensures we adults too could stay cool. With its vibrant shades and style, the range is perfect for these summer months to relax. Enjoy the evening times having ice cream bars at the colony outlet in stylish Capris. These capris for girls are made with soft fabric and fit the curves stylishly. Whether you want a casual wear, lounge wear or active wear, Bumchums has an option.

Pick these smart and trendy round neck t shirts or crew neck with short sleeves. They come with a relaxed fit, a soft and smooth stretchable fabric that caresses your skin.
Fabric composition is 96% Cotton and 4% Spandex.

Or how about lounge pants ladies? These trousers are knitted with cotton and spandex yarn, they provide great stretchable comfort. It sports a waistband and a drawstring for that superior fit. Fabric composition is 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex.

Unleash the Freedom

It’s a joy to watch young ones laugh and play in glee. Bumchums ranges of garments are those that kids would love being in, the whole day. Let them be in their comfortable sleepwear morning to dusk, or dress up in smart casuals for a movie outing with family and friends. How about that time in the park as they explore their world, gazing at the sky? Bumchums offers the comfort and warmth letting them bring out their carefree attitude. Welcome the summer days and watch your kids live life in the season and garner warm memories to last them a life time.

Pickles- They Sure Do Tickle!!

Pickles- They Sure Do Tickle!!

It was a sweltering hot afternoon when I reached my mom’s home in Chennai. I was exhausted, my throat parched and my clothes soaking in sweat. In the dead of summer, my appetite almost always seems to diminish. But well you know how moms seldom agree to this. “You’ve got to eat something otherwise you would fall sick”, she said. “At least eat some curd rice. I have made fresh lemon pickle”. Ah! The South Indian in me came out totally.

I was already drooling over the tanginess of the pickle. I agreed to eat curd rice, just for the yellow lemon pickle!


Aren’t we a pickle nation? I mean just look at the variance in the pickles across the country. Some sour, some sweet, some dry and some others a bit gooey! Yet without this pickle on our table, a meal sure does seem incomplete. I have been fortunate enough to do a bit of traveling across the length and breadth of India. And despite a few commonalities in the ingredients, each and every region carries a uniqueness in its taste. Take for instance the all-time favourite mango pickle. The finely cut “mangai curry” from the Palaghat region of Kerala carries a distinct flavor of roasted fenugreek seeds and til oil. On the other hand is the Haryanvi mango pickle cut in a larger size, a lot drier, with carom seeds and mustard oil. And both are finger licking good!!!!!

The process of pickle making may seem to be a bit tedious and time consuming. But trust me, be patient here and what you get would be simply delicious, lasting for the next couple of seasons. Summer though is the best time to make pickles. It is a sort of ritual in many households. From picking the perfect fruit or vegetable, to sun drying them and then letting it soak in the oil and spices. They are then transferred to air tight jars and stacked away in dark corners of the home. Over the years, this grand ritual seems to have disappeared, with plenty of commercially made pickles available in stores. Pickles are available online too with portals such as “Place of Origin.

As I sat down on the couch post lunch, I asked my mom for her lemon pickle recipe. She grinned- it indicated she was happy that I had intentions of making it, rather than picking up a bottle from the store. The store bought ones surely lack the rustic flavors and characteristics of home-made pickles. She quickly rummaged through an old brown box, and came back with a diary dating back to the year 1974. It had faded pages with curled edges and the ink smudged at places. Yet it held the greatest treasures of life. My grandmother’s recipes passed on by mouth to my mother, who meticulously noted down every bit of it. My mom reminisced her childhood days when her mom would make these tangy pickles and stack them away in dark corners of the kitchen. That is why I love these “vintage” recipes. Tucked away in little scrolls of papers, in old diaries, they are a reminder of the love our ancestors have passed on generation after generation.

So next time that pickle tickles your palette, give it a thought. Whose love lies hidden in that jar?

Under His Umbrella, Life Goes On #AtoZChallenge

Under His Umbrella, Life Goes On #AtoZChallenge

uUnder his umbrella we all live. Seasons and our lives are so similar.

It’s blazing hot in Delhi. The temperatures are soaring and the sun shines down on us fiercely. As I walked down the street, the hot afternoon wind blows across my face. I am parched and I crave for those few precious drops of water. I am drained and tired. How I miss the seasons gone by- of spring and winter.

Aren’t our lives so similar to the seasons? Sometimes I wonder if the seasons are out there to tell us something.

Life has phases just like seasons. Spring reflects the days in life when we can afford to be carefree, relaxed and not bogged down with issues. Those precious childhood days when it seemed the whole world was ours.


Summer is similar to days when we have that long list of responsibilities on our shoulders. We may be tired, yet we trudge along, because we need to keep going. The days seem long until we finally hit the bed in the night.

Autumn is like the years when we start to slowly shed some of our responsibilities, beginning to look inward- philosophic and calm. Probably expecting those chill days ahead.

And of course the cold winters. The icy chill near the end of our life. All gloomy and alone.

Life sure has its set of seasons.