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The Love for Diary Writing #atozchallenge

The Love for Diary Writing #atozchallenge

Yearly diaries received at the beginning of every year were a cherished commodity once upon a time. In today’s world of blogs, micro blogs and tweets has the good old practise of maintaining a humble dairy taken a set back? Has the love for diary writing died a death just like many other things?

At the beginning of 2017, my husband gave me one of those glossy good-looking diaries. It had been years since I maintained a diary. Of course, I have had ones to maintain expenses etc… but nothing to pen down day-to-day stuff. As a young kid in school I distinctly remember having a diary writing habit. Every night, i would sit at my desk and pen down my days events, what was good and not so good too. I did keep it hiding for years untill I got married. A month or so before my marriage I destroyed it all. And why did I do this? Well.. I just felt I was going to begin a fresh thing in my life, why hold on to the past?

And then I got introduced to the world of blogs. I started posting my usual ramblings, plus things which I was most seriously concerned about. It gave me a good feeling. But somewhere amidst all the blogging, I still missed the dated diaries to pen down thoughts. It was my first step at creativity and expressions.

Diaries are an honest form of self-expression. It is a place without pretence, where you can be yourself without having to worry about anything. And one of my resolutions this year was to rekindle my love for diary writing. Its the month of April, and I have managed to fill the pages with daily thoughts, so far!!!

Do you also share a love for diary writing?

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New Clothes Through The Year?? #AtoZChallenge

New Clothes Through The Year?? #AtoZChallenge

nNew clothes are always such a joy to wear. How I love the crispness and smell when they are fresh out of the store. And I am sure it is not just me. Practically every single soul gets that streak of joy on a day when new clothing is worn!

On a recent trip to the mall, I was unable to resist some of the attractive deals flaunted by apparel stores to lure potential buyers. I ended up returning home with heavy bags and a lighter pocket. As I stuffed the newly acquired pieces of apparel into my wardrobe, I glanced at the pile of other clothes. Some used a time or two, some hardly worn. And here I was adding more to the collection. I promised myself I would not buy any more apparel, until I was done wearing most of them… Hmmm I do hope I keep up the promise I made to myself.

But pondering over this, I realized how things have changed for us Indians over the years. With the opening of the country’s economy and the mother of all revolutions, the internet revolution, there is a paradigm shift in our spending patterns. Shopping has now moved from being a means to cater to our necessity, to a leisure activity. And this is true for not only the urban upper middle class or the middle class, but also among the lower income group.

This was really not the way it used to be way back in the eighties. New clothes used to be restricted to festivals and very important occasions such as a wedding in the family. As a child I distinctly remember waiting for Diwali (the festival of lights). It used to be the one festival where the entire family would shop for new clothes. In fact, it used to be the only time in the year, probably we used to shop and make use of those glorious sales put up by stores. Way back then, there were just three destinations in Bangalore to do the best of festive shopping- MG road, Brigade Road or Commercial Street. There weren’t any malls and residential colonies seldom had apparel stores (unlike now where most residential areas have become pseudo-commercial hubs).

Dad would plan this extravagant shopping session a week or two before Diwali. And the entire family would shop till we drop….cause the next occasion to do so would turn up only after a year. At the beginning of every New Year, when the calendar used to arrive at home, my first job would be to circle Diwali.

I still look forward to this festival. I still mark the calendar. I still buy new clothes for the family on this day. But what has significantly changed is the fact that I also buy clothes at random occasions all through the year.

And the result of all this, an overflowing wardrobe, and diminishing excitement that lies in the ritual of shopping before Diwali!!

The year that was 2014

The year that was 2014

With the close of the year 2014, I sit with a mixed bag of feelings. 2014 is a year that will remain in my mind for years to come. A year I feel changes -positive ones. Yes and I feel it from within. A growth of positive thoughts, a growth of better understanding, and a growth of a sense of calmness.

I have always been a person filled with anxieties, fears and insecurities. You could blame it on multiple factors. The environment I grew up in, upbringing and influences of school. It did get better after I got married though. “A ” has been an awesome husband and extremely supportive of me. Yet my conflicts within have resulted in several other relationships of mine turning sour. Over the years I lost friendships and the care some dear friends would have for me.

But now as I stand on the threshold of 2014, I leave all these behind. I feel better.

2014 a year I lost my dad to Colon cancer. He had a long drawn fight and each one of us would pep him up and pushed him to fight till the end. Yet he succumbed to the deadly diseases on OCtober 17. I’ll never forget his last few days. If fighting the disease was painful the end was even worse. And more painful for us the care givers, to see a man, who was once so majestic, in pain. Will miss him always.

” A” was out for most parts of the year leaving me with the girls. Though it was difficult without “A”, I managed to hold fort managing them. I am glad in a way to get that time as it helped me introspect. I picked up reading and of course blogging.

I don’t know what the year ahead holds for me. Life would go on and the normal routine would continue past the date of 1st Jan 2015. But its a thought that I would carry with me that I am maturing and probably becoming a better person.