Indian Weddings and the Joy of Shopping for Outfits

The family was very excited. The news of a cousin getting married reached us and it was an opportunity for us to be a part of the celebration. Indian weddings are surely grand events. Multiple ceremonies, colorful decorations, meeting people, and of course dressing up in fine Indian clothes- weddings in our country is a grand spectacle. With barely a month left for the wedding, we had just about time to get all the outfits in place, and deciding what would be more appropriate for each of the ceremonies. With a full time job, packed schedules and two school going

Its a Taboo!! #AtoZChallenge

Marriage is all about togetherness. It is about two different individuals coming together, of experiences, of the joys of starting a family, of tears and happiness. And fights too… Yet, when the basis of marriage- companionship and happiness- is threatened, I wonder why the option of divorce is scorned upon in society and considered a taboo. Statistically, divorce rates in India are far lower than what it is in western counties. Of course there has been a general rise in the trend, but this is restricted to urban-metro cities. When we look at the teeny-weeny villages, tier 2 towns and

Clash of the Titans: The Mother-in-Law & Daughter-in-law

Put a group of young women in a room, and you are bound to have at least seventy percent of them rant about their mother-in-laws. From time immemorial this relationship has been the butt of all jokes. Scores of forums across the internet are flooded on a daily basis, with questions pertaining to tackling the Mother-in-law. Often conflicts turn bitter, and may well become the reason for many a marriage to crumble down. The Modern Day Mother In-law & Daughter-in-law The modern-day Mother-in- law, is far more educated than what her own Mother-in-law was. From the personification of pure dominance,

Does one really need a name for all relationships ?- Guest Post by Aditi Bose

“I’m a woman. A married woman. An Indian married woman. But nothing remains in this marriage anymore. It’s just a sham. A farce. A pretence. And yet I’m still pretending. I have my reasons. Like the many others in the country. Society. Parents. Child. Finances. Reasons abound. Or maybe it’s just my lack of guts. My fear of all the complications that will come with moving on………” This is the story that many Indian women will tell you. Unlike in other countries where acceptance is more, here, if a married woman wants a divorce she is scorned upon. By those

Getting Chosen as a Life Partner- The Tambrahm Way

“This post made it to the top three in non-fiction weekly challenge.” “Marriage, also called matrimony or wedlock, is a socially or ritually recognized union or legal contract between spouses that establishes rights and obligations between them, between them and their children, and between them and their in-laws.” That’s the definition from Wikipedia!!! Now if that sounded pretty complex, in reality, the institution of marriage is far more complex in India. Chunk of marriages in India are arranged. It begins from the “yes my child has reached the marriageable age”, to the actual event and beyond…. (Well I really don’t know when weddings end

“We've been married for 55 years and we haven't fought for a single day!”

“We’ve been married for 55 years and we haven’t fought for a single day!” I picked up this quote today from a file interview of President Shri Pranab Mukherjee’s late wife, Suvra Mukherjee*. It made me wonder… what really makes couples compatible with each other? What takes a man and woman to live together for 55 years or more, without having any regrets about it? As I sat pondering, I penned down the following factors. Trust in one another: I rate this number one. Trust is the foundation and the basis for a steady relationship of any kind. Trusting your

"As long as there is no physical abuse in the marriage, it could be endured".

What is it with cousins? We rarely meet, yet when we do; it seems like the bygone days are back again. I met my dear cousin Radhika after almost 8 years, and it felt like we are children again.   “So Radhika, happily married? How has it been?” My petite 36 year old cousin looked up at me and said,”Married, yes. Happily, I really do not know”. “Ok tumble it out Radhika”, I said. She knew I wouldn’t let her go otherwise. “I have been told by many a people, that as long as there is no physical abuse in