Learning a Sport as an Adult

Growing up in the eighties, there weren’t many opportunities to learn a sport by way of private/organized classes. Whatever little sports I was exposed to was in the school I went to. And, my school, concentrated mainly on hockey, cricket, basketball and throw ball. For some strange reason, I seldom took interest in any of these. It could probably be attributed to my poor hand-eye coordination, which is surely of importance in ball games. I distinctly remember trying my hand at throw ball. And each time the ball was swung from across the net, aimed clearly at me, I would

Cantonment life!

Do you know the most boring time in a Fauji wife’s life? It is when she decides to stay back in the cantonment with her two kids during summer vacation, and the husband is out on duty for the entire period. And I am presently in such a situation. Life inside a cantonment It is a different world all-together. Neatly laid out roads, clean and peaceful environs, auditoriums, sports complexes, schools within, sometimes our own golf course, and of course the Officers Institute to spend time with friends in the evenings. Cantonments with their ambience form the basis of our

What’s Your Happiness Quotient Today? #AtoZChallenge

So what’s the most beautiful thing you have with you today? What’s your happiness quotient? I sat at my desk this morning trying to write, when I was constantly distracted by my four year old daughter. The little one was doing some craft work as part of her school curriculum. I saw her hands move swiftly as she sat sticking tiny sequins and beads on a white sheet in front of her. She wanted to do it her way, yet every few minutes she would look up to me for small approvals. I soon realized that all that my daughter

Insecurities- We all Have them #AtoZChallenge

“Insecurity is your intuition telling you that something’s not right… either with them or with you.” Charles J Orlando So let’s face it. We all have insecurities, a bunch of them, at some point in life. We humans do get insecure about relationships, love, success or people. Of course how each one of us may choose to handle it greatly depend on the mental strength we have. But there is no denying insecurity does creep into each one of us. Here I am in a very unique stage of my life.  A happy one I would like to call it,

Terminal Illness and Death- Quality or Quantity, the Debate Goes On

What’s more important to You, Quality or Quantity of Life? How far do we want to go to prolong our lives? What a complex life!! Amidst the web of relationships I am entwined in, I am caught in this strange cycle of life and death. Where birth brings in joy death sure does bring sorrow.  But strangely, in my 36 odd years of existence, I have learnt that not always must death bring in sorrow. I have had situations in life when the death of my loved one has brought in an altogether different feeling. It is that unique feeling

Valuable Insights to Succeed in Life #AtoZChallenge

Very important lessons could be learnt from the successful. Five lessons are all that I shall talk about. In my blogging journey I have come across many inspiring stories- of the disabled overcoming their handicap, of sportsmen fighting their way to the winning spot and of simple human beings etching their mark in careers of their choice. I try to pick out positive qualities from these success stories, which I feel are the prime forces in guiding them to the top. Read on below Ruveda Salam’s story that gave me five valuable insights into making life more meaningful and successful. Who is

Under His Umbrella, Life Goes On #AtoZChallenge

Under his umbrella we all live. Seasons and our lives are so similar. It’s blazing hot in Delhi. The temperatures are soaring and the sun shines down on us fiercely. As I walked down the street, the hot afternoon wind blows across my face. I am parched and I crave for those few precious drops of water. I am drained and tired. How I miss the seasons gone by- of spring and winter. Aren’t our lives so similar to the seasons? Sometimes I wonder if the seasons are out there to tell us something. Life has phases just like seasons.

Life has its own way of giving you one tight slap!!!

Life has its own unique and strange ways. And many a times it acts as a leveler. An important lesson I have learnt in all these years is that “LIfe sure has its own way of giving you one tight slap. A certain Mr K I know, often harped about having a grandson. He was very confident about his son producing one as it was of utmost importance 1) to continue the family name and 2) to do the last rites of his son, when the situation occurs. I of course found this ridiculous. Nevertheless, I kept nodding my head

Something to Think About #11

When Dad passed away, i was feeling very lost. Where had he gone away all of a sudden? i asked questions …many of them on life and death. As I watched the rituals unfold in front of me and Dad’s last rites, I really wondered if all this made any sense to the departed person. I did mention this to “A”. He gave me his version. “A” thinks life is a form of energy. And energy cannot be destroyed, killed or removed, it is converted from one form to another. So then going by this explanation, if life is energy,