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Winning over those cold Russian days- I am More Indian Than You Think!

Winning over those cold Russian days- I am More Indian Than You Think!

The wind was cold and harsh. Despite the heavy jacket, it seemed to cut through every muscle of my body. As the snow fell on the cobbled streets of Moscow, I cursed myself for having volunteered for the eighteen month long assignment, in the capital city of Russia. Much to my mother’s displeasure, I had packed my bags, knowing very well the temperature in winters could touch as low as -15 degrees centigrade!!!

As I stepped out of the Domadevo Airport, armed with the one Russian phrase I knew- здравствуйте (“How are you?”), the gargantuan city of Moscow, simply took me by storm. The food, the people, the language, the roads, they all seemed a tad too distant. I missed all that I had taken for granted so far in my life. The music on All-India Radio, which my mom played every morning, the steaming Dal-Chawal she would prepare, and the old Bollywood movies that Doordarshan sometimes telecast on Sunday afternoons.

Some days you just need to create your own sunshine… Shades of Moscow in winters

Eighteen months, how was I going to get through it all?

I walked into a quirky looking café near Red Square…

I couldn’t but help notice the music that was being played. The soulful music of Anoushka Shankar on her Sitar wafted through the air. For years, the sound of the Sitar was unknown to the west, until Pundit Ravi Shankar opened up a whole new world. His daughter, Anoushka Shankar, is now conserving this essence of Indian music. That evening at the Russian Café, the classical music of the Indian subcontinent cast a magical spell on me.

I am more Indian than you think, because the music that day felt so humane, and the Russian café felt more like home.

The Indian restaurant in the by-lanes of Moscow

The steaming bowl of Sambar and soft Basmati rice in front of me made my mouth water. It is said that this lentil-based vegetable stew, made with tamarind, originated in the kitchens of Thanjavur Marathas during the 17th century, in South India.

I am more Indian than you think, because centuries later as a humble south Indian girl, I feasted on Sambar, across the globe in a country alien to Thanjavur or the Marathas.

The day I watched a Kathak performance in Moscow

As the flags of Russia and India intertwined at the backdrop of the stage, I sat spellbound. Young Russian students elegantly performed the “thath” sequence, as the sound of ghungroos and the tablas, echoed across the houseful auditorium.

I surely am more Indian than you think as tears filled my eyes, when the claps from the audience fell loudly on my ears.

And similarly, more Indian than you think is Lufthansa Airlines

Lufthansa airlines makes your flight experience as Indian as possible when you soar into foreign skies. Whether it is the food, the inflight entertainment or the hospitality, feel at home from the moment you step on board. Be welcomed the Indian way and get spoken to in a language you understand best. Lufthansa gives you the comfort of being yourself- that of an Indian!

Here’s celebrating India’s growing global influence as seen in this new Lufthansa TVC. Surely, we are #MoreIndianThanYou

Time surely flies by when you are having fun

I had found my winning way, in snowy Russia, as those eighteen months in Moscow just flew by. When all things around you are Indian, the feeling of belonging to the country, stays within the heart. It is said that when you travel the world, you realize how much of an Indian you actually are. I had finally understood the profoundness this statement held.

Crash the Crash diet- Get Healthy with a Honey Diet

Crash the Crash diet- Get Healthy with a Honey Diet

As the mother of two young girls, I am constantly fretting about their nutrition. It sure indeed is a tough task, getting them to eat right, and ensuring they get a well balanced diet. However in today’s age, with school, play time and other activities keeping our kids busy, I often feel I am failing in my endeavor. And to top it all, my kids are fussy eaters. To save my day I came across the “Honey Diet”. Honey as a food item is seldom disliked by children. My girls love it and could lap up a complete spoon full. I have used this to my advantage.

Pure honey such as Dabur Honey is a natural form of sucrose and has the presence of a large amount of anti-oxidants. I have replaced the jam bottle on my table with a bottle of Dabur Honey. Try out some honey spread on your morning toast. My kids finish their breakfast in a jiffy. Instead of a spoon of refined processed sugar in a glass of milk. I serve their milk with a bit of honey as sweetener. It’s healthy and tasty too for the kids.

brandcover (1)

Now coming to myself. In today’s busy and fast life, I seldom find time to get in to a strict exercise regime. I manage to do a bit of brisk walking probably once or twice in a week. In such a scenario, how do I maintain my health? How do I actually reduce those layers of fat enveloping my belly? I have never really advocated crash diets to reduce belly fat. The negative impact of a crash diet could be more devastating than having the fat around my stomach. A crash diet just exhausts your body and mind, making it weak. I hence strongly recommend a balanced diet that would incorporate the main food groups, of carbohydrates, whole grains and cutting down on processed food. This also includes reduction of refined sugar.

The honey diet comes into play here. I start my day with a glass of warm water and a spoon of honey. This helps me manage my weight. Along with my morning breakfast, instead of a cup of coffee with white sugar, I instead have a cup of green tea with a spoon of honey. This keeps my body and mind alert. Honey is a natural form of sugar and retains a whole lot of nutrients. It keeps me active through the day. Honey as a source of energy is easily digested by the body. In fact the regular use of honey in your diet aids digestion.

Apart from the nutrition element in a regular meal, honey comes with medicinal properties. When my girls are down with a throat infection, a spoonful of honey with warm water and ginger helps to soothe the throat.

The goodness of honey is unmistakable. That is why I say honey is a sweeter alternative to a healthy diet.

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My Airtel App

My Airtel App

Welcome to the world of smart phones. Today we practically do everything on our smart phones. We watch movies, transact bank accounts, and can even plan a holiday. The latest entrant into this world of smart phones is the Airtel App. I recently downloaded this app titled “My Airtel App” on my phone. And I must say I was amazed to see the plethora of features it boasted of. From amazing offers, to recharging DTH, tracking account usage, and even buying products, this app is convenience all the way. It is an app that every Airtel user must have on their smart phones. There were three features in the app that I really liked. Here is a brief roundup of these features.

  • Airtel Surprises

The first feature is “surprises”. Surprised at the name? Well here is how interesting the feature is. On every recharge you make, you get free coupons from merchant establishments under various categories such as food, shopping, entertainment and wellness. Now isn’t this a great feature? I love shopping. And I am also a movie buff. I watch a movie or two in the theatre every week. So now with this feature of Airtel, I am surely going to shop more and watch more movies too, without feeling guilty.

  • The “My Bill” feature

For a person constantly on the move, keeping a track of bills, data usage, recharge dates etc… becomes a difficult job. To the rescue here is the “My Bill” feature. This feature provides all information related to the Airtel account. So you could easily keep track of recharge dates, mobile payment dates, data consumed, unbilled usage etc… This feature provides the convenience of giving you all the information you require on your mobile, so you don’t have to really log in to a computer to get the information.


  • “I want to” feature

Here is a very interesting feature. The Airtel “MyApp” feature saves those tasks which I frequently do on my home screen as short cuts. This is saved under “I want to” tab making it easy for me to refer to whenever I require. So whether it is for bill payments or information regarding data usage, my frequently used options are available at a single swipe and tap.

For a person like me busy through the week, such an app has made life easier. I don’t have to run to a kiosk or Airtel store anymore to pay my bills. My phone is more than enough for it. It is a great app as it is hassle free. So whether it is recharging DTH connections or paying mobile phone bills, I really don’t have to worry anymore. The solution lies in my mobile phone. Thanks Airtel for simplifying our lives with “My App”.

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