How many extra curricular activities is your child in?

The park seemed to wear a dismal look. I couldn’t hear the sound of squealing children, nor did I spot a doting parent or a loving grandparent at the bench. Except for a child or so, this park in an upscale South Delhi Colony bore a deserted look. I found a comfortable spot, and as I sat, watching my two little girls do the monkey bars and climb up and down the slides a zillion times, a young mother I knew came by. It had been weeks since I had bumped into her or her seven year old daughter. On

After all they are a child only once!!!!

I stared, stared hard at the dishes that lay in the sink. I turned, to stare at the pile of clothes on the couch. There were bills that had to be taken care of too. Not to forget the bed that had to be made. Argh! Why did my maid have to take a day off? The chores just seem to be piling on!!! I got down to getting things in order at home, as my two little girls sat engrossed watching television. My days are packed- with long working hours and a busy social calendar. The evenings are almost always

Of Children and their Thoughts #AtoZChallenge

Children have this unique skill of giving the simplest of solutions to the most complex of issues in life. They can give answers to questions we ourselves never really manage to find. It’s amazing to see how innocence can address the complexities of life. I lost my father in the early months of 2015, after a fierce and unsuccessful tryst with cancer. It was not a fight that was his alone, but it actually was the entire family’s fight. The grief that followed post death was pretty subdued. In fact it was more a relief that the pain and trauma

Bonding With Your Child- When Do you Do it? #AtoZChallenge

Bonding with your child is building that emotional connect. It is when you and your child are together, doing practical things or whatsoever, bringing about a wonderful connection. Being the mom of two little ones, I spend hours doing things with them. So between all my daily tasks and work, and the kids school and extracurricular activities, there are activities thrown in. From craft work, to gardening or, simply just lazing on the bed with a book in hand, the girls and I love these moments as we giggle, laugh and smile away. Bonding is essential to create lasting memories