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Working with Influencer Marketing Platforms

Working with Influencer Marketing Platforms

The first thing I am asked, when I announce to people that I am a blogger, is if I make any money. In fact, after my first year of blogging, I had asked myself the same too. I had been expressing my point of view, and did have the passion for writing. I stumbled on various options- affiliate marketing, pay per clicks etc… But, my earning never saw an upward trend. So, can I make money from blogging? Bloggers in a way are influencers and there are plenty of paid blogging opportunities out there. The trick is finding potential brand partners, to earn from the lucrative wave of influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing- It’s your ability to influence

As a blogger you already would have come into contact with influencer marketing or influencer content. In simple words, it is using your creativity, whether through writing, photographs, social posts or dialogues, to influence your followers on your blog and social media. I’d started my personal blog a little over three years ago and in these years, I have learnt key insights that have not only allowed me to monetize my blog better, but also made me identify my strengths/weakness as a writer and influencer.

It’s all about…

Much as it may sound clichéd, everything links back to the content you produce. It is good content that builds audience and invites engagement with a brand. It also makes sense that the brand you collaborate with is relevant to the content you share on your blog. For example, I wouldn’t speak about technology on my blog, unless it shares some connection with the kind of writing I do.

Apart from just writing my content and putting it up on my blog, the purpose is served only if it reaches an audience. In the initial years, my traffic was solely from social media, friends, relatives and fellow bloggers. But slowly I realized the greatest treasure house of traffic lay in search engines. I found resources online and incorporated few core strategies of SEO into my work, so that my content is more easily searchable.

Finally, building relationships is important in sustaining the blog. Good relationships are built on a foundation of trust- with other bloggers, the audience, with brands, and influencer marketing platforms.

Influencer Marketing Platforms- Why it pays to be associated with them

As a newbie, the big question in my mind was, “Where do I start? How am I going to get campaigns? How would brands find me??” My search led me to associate myself with influencer marketing platforms. These platforms connect brands with bloggers and help you:

  • Gain visibility, as they maintain a database of influencers, searchable by brands and agencies.
  • Get campaigns from various brands with a range to choose from, relevant to your blog.
  • Ensuring you are paid for your work- As a freelancer, the biggest problem I faced is not receiving payment for the work done. Being associated ensures compensation (well, at most times!!)

My experience with

For over a year, I have been associated with, working successfully on various campaigns. is one of India’s leading influencer marketing platform with major brands across various categories including Travel, Lifestyle, Fashion, Technology, Parenting and more. Once I signed up on the platform, I got access to various brand campaigns.

What I really like about is that I quote my price for the campaign I apply for. Unlike other platforms, where the client decides the price, and as an influencer I have to either take it or leave it. However, with, I gauge the kind of work required, and having an understanding of my blogs worth, I quote the best price. Payments are made promptly upon successful completion of an assignment where all guidelines have been satisfied.

Each of the campaigns is different. Brands generally take into consideration traffic quality of each blog, level of engagement and how reliable you are in handling sponsored assignments. Over the last few months, I have worked with multiple brands through I have done review for Truweight, where I got to try out the product before giving honest reviews. I have done book reviews and been associated with fashion portals such as Craftsvilla and, Travel to Israel for Israel Tourism.

Blogging does pay. Apart from the ability to share a story and connect with people around the world, the monetary bit is surely a morale booster. It all boils down to positioning your blog properly, and opportunities would come your way.


Why do you "Diary" Mommy?, asked my 6 year old

Why do you "Diary" Mommy?, asked my 6 year old

Yearly diaries received at the beginning of every year were a cherished commodity once upon a time. In today’s world of blogs, micro blogs and tweets has the good old practise of maintaining a humble dairy taken a set back?

” A” gave me this really good-looking diary on new years eve. Its been years since I maintained a diary.  Of course I have had ones to maintain expenses etc… but nothing to pen down thoughts,musings and day-to-day life. When in school and college I distinctly remember having a diary writing habit . Every night, i used to sit at my desk and pen down my days events, what was good and not so good too. I did keep it hiding for years untill I got married. A month or so before my marriage i destroyed it all. And why did I do this? Well.. I just felt I was going to begin a fresh thing in my life, why hold on to the past?

And then I got introduced to the world of blogs. I started posting my usual ramblings plus things which I was most seriously concerned about. It gave me a good feeling.  But somewhere amidst all this typing on blogs, I still miss the dated diaries to pen down thoughts. It was my first step at creativity and expressions.

My little girl saw me writing yesterday and asked me what I was doing. When I told her that it was a diary I was maintaining, she wanted to know why. I tried to explain to her that diaries are an honest form of self-expression, It is a place without pretence, where you can be yourself without having to worry about anything. My little girl was all too impressed with my answer and shs picked up a cute little notebook to pen down her thoughts. I am glad she started it, just hoping she is able to sustain it .

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