Zillion Challenges- #AtoZChallenge

Zillion Challenges in our daily lives! We all face them. But how many of them do we give our complete best? When I decided to take up the A to Z Challenge, little did I know that it wasn’t just about blogging every single day of the month. My initial thoughts were..OK… here is a challenge that wants me to blog everyday for a letter of the alphabet. Now that isn’t all that difficult! As I got on with the challenge, I slowly began to realize how wrong I was. Writing everyday for an alphabet was just a small portion

(E)Xpress Delivery Online! #AtoZChallenge

(E)xpress delivery of practically anything online is possible these days. Seriously, what was almost unthinkable a few years back seems to have become a norm these days. We could get goods and services from the world of the web, with a click or swipe on our handheld gadgets. Mrs Dixit, our Customer Support in charge in office, recently invited us for her husband’s 50th b’day celebrations. She wanted it to be a surprise party for him. Hence all her planning, from the guest list, the food, the present et all… were done in secrecy during office hours. At 40 something years,

Wedding Bells in India #AtoZChallenge

Weddings in India are a multi-day affair, loaded with rituals and celebrations. No matter which part of the country you belong to, or the religion you follow, you just cannot escape the grandeur it holds. Indian weddings are typically divided into pre-wedding, the main ceremony and post-wedding. So if you do get to attend one, be prepared to soak in a lot of excitement, fun and good food. But what’s most surprising is the fact that, even though there may be a whole lot of similarities in rituals across the country, when you look deep within, every region has certain

Survival- Get Your Mix of Positivity & Hope #AtoZChallenge

Surviving cancer should have a mix of optimism and positivity. It is found all around us; however we often fail to notice them. Just like my friend “S”. I had done an earlier blog post of her battle with cancer. So filled with optimism is her story that I had to blog about her once again. S was 34 when she noticed that first lump in her breast. A series of tests and a biopsy later, her doctor declared it to be cancerous. S was devastated. She had a beautiful family comprising of two young girls and a loving husband.

Quite a Lot of Technology #AtoZChallenge

Quite a lot of technology all around us… It has crept into our lives in millions and millions of modes. And even if we want to, we cant shrug it off us, now. My dear friend, philosopher, guide and colleague who shares a cubicle in office with me, “Richard”, was in a big dilemma some days back. Hear his story out. With the financial year end round the corner, the entire office had been on tenterhooks. Boss “A“ had been hyper-ventilating since Jan, pushing us to perform and achieve targets well before the deadline of 31st March. So practically everyone,

Patriotism On Republic Day #AtoZChallenge

Patriotism is not just the proud feeling for your country. Patriotism is not just supporting your country in cricket. Patriotism is not just about, a day. It is all this and much more. When the feeling of patriotism encompasses you, you realize it is also all about doing your bit in your day to day living for the land you belong to, for the country that gave you your identity. That’s my take. Lucky was I last year, to witness the 66th Republic Day parade. “A” managed to get some passes for the parade. My initial reaction was, “Do I

Organic Food- To Go or Not #AtoZChallenge

Organic food has seeped into our lives. In a big city such as Delhi, I often spot many a high end stores, selling organically grown vegetables, fruits, pulses, cereals and much more. The tag go-organic seems to be the new mantra. But is this just a fad, or are there some really good health benefits attached to it? This weekend I spent my time in a nearby hi-end grocery store that stocked up a range of organic products. When I stood there thinking whether organic food should be the order of my day, I was lucky to chat up with

New Clothes Through The Year?? #AtoZChallenge

New clothes are always such a joy to wear. How I love the crispness and smell when they are fresh out of the store. And I am sure it is not just me. Practically every single soul gets that streak of joy on a day when new clothing is worn! On a recent trip to the mall, I was unable to resist some of the attractive deals flaunted by apparel stores to lure potential buyers. I ended up returning home with heavy bags and a lighter pocket. As I stuffed the newly acquired pieces of apparel into my wardrobe, I

Katha- Comic Books From Childhood #AtoZChallenge

Katha- in Hindi this means story. In a country as ancient as India, stories and folklore are abundant.  From mythology, to the great epics, to simple moral stories, these stories have generally been passed down from generation to generation by mouth. Grandparents almost always have a tale up their sleeve that would brighten up the eyes of the curious child. And then came along Amar Chitra Katha. Amar Chitra Katha is one of India’s largest selling comic book series was founded in 1967. It brought out stories of great Indian epics, mythology, history, folklore, and fables in a comic book format.

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