Story time with Hama-Guri

“Hi! I am Hama-Guri and this is my friend Ma-Door. We are your friends now. Aren’t we Ma-Door?”

As I read these lines, I saw my little girl’s face light up. The look that told me to continue and fill her in with more details of Hama-Guri. Reading out a story aloud to a child is one of the best things in life. As enjoyable as it is to the child, it is equally a pleasure for the parent.

For the past month, my 6 year old has immersed herself in the world of Hama-Guri. I was fortunate to receive a reviewer’s copy of the e-book Hama- Guri Goes to School, Children’s stories, written by Aditi Bose and published by Cresco”. The book has opened up a whole new world for my 6 year old. The Hama-Guri series of stories is all about a 6 year old boy, and his take on his life’s matters. From how he overcomes his feelings on having lost a competition, to his earning pocket money, Hama-Guri has helped my little one cope with her own problems and fears. The book is brilliantly written, in a way my 6-year old would understand, She now looks at everything from the eyes of Hama-Guri. 

Hama Guri Goes to School Front Cover

Although she is just learning to  read text fluently, she spends time every day looking at books and catching on key expressions. She recites lines she has memorized from the many times I have read them aloud to her. And sometimes she makes up her own tale of Hama-Guri.

Reading out aloud for your child is an important activity. They are the building blocks not only to improve their literary skills but also, their imagination, their hearing skills and their ability to sit patiently and wonder about what would happen next. Books can be a child’s best friend and can be a pleasure to them all their lives.

If you are a parent:

  • Make story time a routine, even if it is for a few minutes.
  • Try to show your child that you enjoy reading and you think it is important.
  • Have books around the house.
  • If you have more than one child you can also read or tell stories that they all like together, e.g. family favourites or stories about your own childhood.
  • Encourage grandparents to tell stories about when they were young. Story time builds good relationships.
  • Find toys or puppets that are like the people in your child’s favourite story to encourage her to remember and play out the story.

A love of reading is one of the best and most lasting gifts that you can give to your children.

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  1. I loved this post. You show so clearly why parents should read to their child.
    I did so to my children, and still remember the words from one book so clearly: ‘But hooja was cold, and tired, and lonely.’

  2. I so agree with you. I read to my son from perhaps two months old. He learned to associate reading with love and cuddling. I know, if I am ever a grandmother, that I will do whatever I can to instill that love in the next generation of my family. So happy to see the love of reading is alive and well in your household.

  3. Books have been close to my heart for a long time. Long train journeys, or a flight, sitting at home on vacations, weekends, and indeed, it is essential for the kids to be involved in stories and books. Nicely brought out….

  4. Awh your daughter is one sweet little munchkin ! <3
    Story time before bed is always such a magical moment between parents and their children, I still sometimes ask my dad to tell me stories, Hehe! ^.^

  5. Reading aloud to our children helps them to grow their interest in reading. I agree totally with you. 🙂

    BTW, The words Hama-Guri and Ma- Door are nice puns. These are actually two Bengali words, Hama-Guri refers to the first crawling of babies on all fours and Ma-Door means a mattress. 😀 So very aptly used for a book for children…

  6. Very true Ramya. Books are our best friends, and what could be better than for a child to imbibe habits to get associted with them. I would add, this keeps their innocence alive too for long – learn from reading and not by imitating others’ actions, which most often are fights that kids pick up.

    You sure have brought out a relevant point.

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