Private Delhi By Ashwin Sanghi & James Patterson

The former CIA agent Jack Morgan runs an investigation agency called “Private”. With branches around the globe, the agency, investigates intriguing cases, with utmost discretion. They possess an incredible team of investigators, and boast of the latest technology and forensics to crack cases and get to the perpetrators. Continuing in this series is Private Delhi, by the popular crime fiction writer James Patterson, in collaboration with Ashwin Sanghi.  “Plastic barrels containing dissolved human remains have been found in the basement of a house. But this isn’t just any house; this property belongs to the state government. With information suppressed by

Book Review: Veerappan-Chasing the Brigand by K Vijay Kumar

He was the man who terrorized the two southern states for over a decade. Koose Muniasamy Veerapppan, or just Veerappan, holed up in the deep vastness of the Dhimbam forest that lay over Karnataka and Tamilnadu, was once the most dreaded bandit and smuggler. The book Veerappan: Chasing the Brigand by K Vijay Kumar is an account of who exactly this man was, his deeds from sandalwood smuggling to illegal poaching, the mammoth manhunt that saw the loss of several lives, the Special Task Force, and finally Operation Cocoon, in which the bandit finally is killed. Retired IPS officer K

Book Review: In the Name of God By Ravi Subramanian

There are lies… and there are secrets…. In an ancient temple that boasts of a strong religious faith, with a king who upholds this faith and the legend, a lot can happen in the name of God. What do you believe? Whom do you trust? What does it mean to have blind faith? In the Name of God by Ravi Subramanian, is a thriller, based on the Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram, the assets it holds within its vaults and, the infamous controversies that arose after the Supreme Court directed a committee to open up these vaults. Packed with that adrenaline

How many extra curricular activities is your child in?

The park seemed to wear a dismal look. I couldn’t hear the sound of squealing children, nor did I spot a doting parent or a loving grandparent at the bench. Except for a child or so, this park in an upscale South Delhi Colony bore a deserted look. I found a comfortable spot, and as I sat, watching my two little girls do the monkey bars and climb up and down the slides a zillion times, a young mother I knew came by. It had been weeks since I had bumped into her or her seven year old daughter. On

Postcards from Goa- with Akbar Travels

“Once a year go somewhere you have never been before.”- Dalai Lama I consider travel to be a way of life. You are awake; you eat, go out, see new things, meet new people and explore the culture. Travel is not about just reaching your destination, it is an experience. What’s a better holiday destination than our very own Goa! As Delhi sizzled at 45 degrees centigrade, it was time to plan a trip to one of the most beautiful states in India. Goa, with its pristine beaches, heritage, culture and some fantastic food, is the perfect getaway, especially if you are

After all they are a child only once!!!!

I stared, stared hard at the dishes that lay in the sink. I turned, to stare at the pile of clothes on the couch. There were bills that had to be taken care of too. Not to forget the bed that had to be made. Argh! Why did my maid have to take a day off? The chores just seem to be piling on!!! I got down to getting things in order at home, as my two little girls sat engrossed watching television. My days are packed- with long working hours and a busy social calendar. The evenings are almost always

Lone Fox Dancing-Autobiography by Ruskin Bond

I just cannot review certain books. Surely I may sound very biased here. But, if I were to do a critical evaluation or try to assess the value of these books, it would be to undermine the author and his words. I simply cannot review Ruskin Bond and his books. I just pen down my whole experience of reading them!!!!! Ruskin Bond’s autobiography was his birthday gift to his readers in the month of June. The book Lone Fox Dancing, documents his life- from a young boy in boarding school, life in England and finally his return to India and turning

Book Review: The Ministry of Utmost Happiness- Arundhati Roy

I wasn’t all that sure if I should actually pick Arundhati Roy’s latest- The Ministry of Utmost Happiness. The reasons were plenty. Firstly, despite all the acclaim and the Booker Prize, I hadn’t entirely enjoyed reading her first book – The God of Small Things. Secondly, her so called liberal opinions expressed on many occasions, on all things Indian, just didn’t go down well with me. And lastly, in just over a week since The Ministry of Utmost Happiness has been out, there has been a complete mix of reviews bombarding social media. Some really juicy reviews that screamed out that

The Ugly truth That Lurks Within

The news about the tragic death of Manjula Davek was doing the rounds on social media. All of 28 years, the young PhD student had been found hanging in her hostel room in IIT Delhi. It quite was disturbing to read about it. Here was a girl on the verge of completing her research from the country’s premier institute, having published papers in international journals. A girl of high intellect had been pushed to the extreme step of taking her own life. The police are clueless on the reason, as there wasn’t a suicide note left behind. However, her family

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